Share the Love, Sara Style backpack donation

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Thursday, February 15, 2018 11:30am - 1pm
Northside Community Police Center
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This event occurs in the America/Chicago time zone.


Please join us as we launch our Share the Love, Sara Style backpack program.


When: Thursday, Feb 15th, 2018 at 11:30am

Where: 713 St James Street, Northside Community Police Center.


We are distributing 75+ loaded backpacks (Sara Packs) to half a dozen local police agencies. The police officers can then hand the Sara Packs out to kids in their community.


Attending our launch: La Crosse Police Officers, West Salem Police Officer(s), Bangor Police Officer, Onalaska Police Officer(s), Campbell Police Officer(s) and waiting to hear back from Holmen Police Department. Staff from BGC and BBBS, community members, business owners, Sara Rose Hougom Foundation board members and family. I believe COP from Lax, WS, Onalaska, Bangor and Campbell will be in attendance.


Background of our Share the Love, Sara Style backpack program:


Due to so many generous and loving donations to the Sara Rose Hougom Foundation we are able to expand the reach of Living Sara Style. We have purchased 500 backpacks, school supplies, stuffed animals, candy, toothbrush/paste and Sara bands. We have been working with the Boys and Girls Club kids to assemble the backpacks and have enlisted the Big Brother Big Sisters to do part of the shopping for us, along with assisting in loading the backpacks. 


During our first Sara Packs assembly party, Sherry Hougom (Sara’s mother) spoke to forty BGC kids about her precious daughter, the dangers of drug use and their life altering effects. Sherry also encouraged the kids to make positive life choices and strive to influence those around them in a positive way. We added elements of “Sara Style” by hosting a pizza party with police officers and every child left with a personal gift. Included in every Sara Pack is a pink heart autographed by the kid that put the Sara Pack together, and a ribbon that the police officer will autograph when presenting the Sara Pack.


We are working on scheduling another Sara Packs assembly party with the BGC kids & BBBS…we have over 400 more Sara Packs to assemble!


The Sara Rose Hougom Foundation will also be presenting $700.00 to the Lacrosse Police K-9 unit, proceeds from the Spaghetti Dinner hosted by the Moose Lodge (last November).


If you have any questions, please reach out to Sherry Hougom at 608-792-1045.


Share the Love, Sara Style” is a way of living that promotes Sara’s zest for life and her love for one another. Sara had a truly special gift of making people smile, laugh and brought out the best in others. It’s a life style that Sara lived and we want to continue.