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Friday, September 15, 2017 5pm - 6:30pm
Caledonia High School
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This event occurs in the America/Chicago time zone.


Project My Neighborhood (PMN) is a local non-profit that raises funds and awareness for bullying prevention. PMN’s core values include outreach, inclusion, team building, and health and wellness. PMN hosts Nerf events and supplies rental equipment for private events throughout the Midwest. Created in 2016, PMN has done events on the East Coast, West Coast and throughout the Midwest. Events range from community and church groups to private corporate events for large and small companies. PMN also partners with organizations, such as and Blaine National Sports Center, to expand bullying prevention initiatives.

PMN uses toy Nerf blasters with foam darts along with paintball bunkers (Inflatables) for a series of games that promote outreach, inclusion, team building, and health and wellness. Proceeds from events allow PMN to host events throughout Minnesota and create a scholarship fund. PMN's scholarship program recognizes local heroes and future leaders. In the fall, teachers and communities leaders are able to nominate students that have stood up to bullying, exemplify PMN values (outreach, inclusion, team building, and health and wellness), are postive role models, and are future leaders. Nominated students are eligible for review and can be awarded scholarships or prizes. As a role model to the participants, Co-Founder Matt Nelson also speaks to kids about bullying and overcoming obstacles from his experience.

Caledonia High School before the football game

Raising funds and awareness for bullying prevention.

Voluntary Donations

Sign Up the day of the event or print a waiver off online and bring it with you.