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Saturday, August 12, 2017 2pm - 10pm
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This event occurs in the America/Chicago time zone.



"In November 2016 my dad Thomas Suhr was diagnosed with stage 3 poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the colon. He underwent colon resection surgery in December just one day after laying his beloved sister Kathi to rest. He then spent a week in the hospital and another 5 weeks recovering at home. During his recovery he got the news we had been hoping wouldn't come and that was that his cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and it was aggressive. He would need further treatment.. In January he had surgery to have his port placed in his chest so he could receive the Chemo that we are confident will save his life. After having his port placed and meeting with his oncologist we found out he would need 6 months of chemo receiving treatments every other week:( Needless to say this type of news is hard to digest but my dad is tough and he knows he can beat this so after the shock passed he said alright lets get started! He began his treatment on February 6th. His treatments consist of sitting in a chair for up to 4 hours receiving chemo and then he is hooked up to a small pump that continues to deliver chemo through his body for 2 more days. It has not been an easy road and yes there have been times that he has wanted to quit but he digs deep and finds the strength he needs and keeps pushing forward. I am so proud of him and his positive attitude. We are very thankful for all the positive thoughts and the continued prayers each and everyone of you have made this journey a little more bearable and all of the love and support has filled my dad with even more resolve to come out of this on top. I will continue to update as his treatments continue and from my brother Taylor my dad and myself we thank you and please know you have filled our hearts with more love than we could have ever imagined:)"