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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 11:16

Stand By Damian


Here's his story:

Damian is a 16 year old young gentlman who is a sophmore in high school. I grew up and went to school with his two older brothers. On May 15th, 2017 Damian was on his way home. Unfortunately, on this day he never made it home like intended. With less than 15 minutes to his front door, his life had changed before he could blink his eyes. Damian hit a culvert on the side of the road causing his Jeep to spin out of control, flip over the guard rail and land upside down.

By an act of God, Damian was able to make it out of the vehicle, crawl up the embankment to the side of the road and flag down someone for help. Thankfully a nurse who happened to be driving by saw his cry for help and pulled over on the side of the road to assist Damian. Then, at this time a call was placed to dispatch medical help.

Damian was rushed to Black River Falls Memorial Hospital in Black River Falls, WI. It was then established that Damian had broke his neck and he would need to be MedLinked to Gundersen Lutheran in LaCrosse, WI. Due to severe weather, choppers were ground and Damian had to be escorted via ambulance to LaCrosse.

Once he arrived at Gundersen in LaCrosse he was seen and evaluated by the neurosurgeon. It was assessed that Damian would have to have surgery but it had to wait until the morning.

Damian had a bone graft to fuse his C4 and C5 vertebraes together. Damian is in excrutiating pain, he has to wear a cervical collar for 6 to 8 weeks and has a total recovery time of 6 to 8 months.

During this time Damian will not be able to finish out his Sophmore year of high school. His mother is the only and sole provider in the home and will not be able to return to work immediately so she can tend to Damian in this time of need.

How You Can Help
This was an extremely unexpected accident to happen to Damian and his family. As we all know with emergency surgery, medical expenses can become astronomical. As the medical bills are piling up, the day to day living expenses haven't gone away. And, while Damian's mother is providing loving support and comfort to him at his bedside, she is unable to work and keep a consistent income in the household at this time.

Any funds raised by this message will help support Damian and his family and will be allocated towards medical and living expenses for Damian.

Thursday, 04 May 2017 12:50



"Bradlee Ewert is the most dedicated outdoorsman that I have the great pleasure of knowing and call a great friend. I want to ensure that he has the ability to participate in his outdoor hobbies that he loves.

My name is Cody Kamrowski. I am twenty-three years old, a Wisconsinite and a very active outdoor enthusiast. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point studying environmental policy. A key issue I find of great interest and want to focus on in my career is getting all individuals in the outdoors no matter what obstacles stand in their way.  One of my closest friends and his family is facing this issue with their youngest son, Bradlee Ewert. He is nineteen years old and has recently graduated high school. He is the guy that everyone wants to talk to and everyone enjoys his presence because of his contagious positive attitude.

Bradlee’s access to participate in outdoor events at which he loves are becoming more and more challenging to access as each day passes by. Bradlee has Friedreich’s Ataxia, which is a disease that progressively effects the body’s nervous system as well as the muscle coordination system. These effects have now put Bradlee in a wheelchair.  If an activity involves being outdoors, you can bet on Bradlee being in the forefront smiling, laughing and simply enjoying his time. Just this fall, on the second day of his trapping season, he caught a mature male bobcat. Which with the help of several friends, the bobcat was successfully released. When I go fishing with Bradlee I always need to bring my notebook and take notes on how to actually catch fish. He always seems to out fish me and I lose the wager of who caught biggest fish, and the most fish.

Bradlee is the most dedicated outdoorsman and driven individual that I have the pleasure to call a friend. Together we can ensure Bradlee can easily access the wide array of activities that he likes to do. The chair at which we would like to see Bradlee in is the “Trackstander” produced by Action Manufacturing and costs $16,000. I am asking for $20,000 to acquire the chair, chair accessories and hauling equipment. I’m taking it upon myself to acquire the money through donations to get him the chair. If it wasn’t for Bradlee, I would not be the passionate person I am today without his imprint. If you or your organization could donate to the cause of getting Bradlee Ewert a rubber tracked wheel chair that would be deeply appreciated.

Just to be fully clear with everyone that is donating funds to Bradlee. The money will be withdrawn by myself (Cody) and put into a "Bradlee Ewert Benefit Account" that Bradlee's father and myself have created and are in charge of. We want to make sure you know where your donations will be placed and will be taken care of responsibly by the family and myself to purchase the rubber tracked chair for Bradlee!

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Cody Kamrowski"

Monday, 01 May 2017 11:02


Nikhill Saluja once said "Being a Mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders wherever your children go."

Peg Schilling,  a single mom to young Garrett Schilling, is fighting stage four colon cancer. After undergoing six major surgeries and chemo treatments, resources have been drained. As time marches on Peg's strength is rapidly declining, the cancer is winning.

For the last two years, Peg and Garrett's life has been in turmoil as they fight this battle together. At the same time, Garrett, a teenager of 14 struggles to cope with the many challenges in his increasingly uncertain world.  

We are asking for donations to support a stable home for Garrett and provide for his daily care during this incredibly difficult time. Your donation is crucial now to help Garrett move forward each day with the knowledge that his basic needs are provided for by a community of compassionate individuals that offer support, prayers and  hope.     

Your generous donation will directly impact Garrett's ability to find a reason to move forward without Peg by his side.

"I know my heart will live on in my son. For God has whispered to me that I have only one home, and that is with Him. It is time to go home."
Thank you and God Bless


Thursday, 20 April 2017 07:30


Camp Winnebago provides recreational opportunities for people of ALL abilities in the Winnebago Valley. Their camp offers a few different things:

1)  Special needs summer camp that operates in the summer  
2) Public campground along Winnebago Creek  
3) Facilities that can be rented for events such as: weddings, reunions, conferences

Their annual spring fundraiser helps to fund the camp and Zcare was honored to make a donation with our partners G.E.C.U. The Friendly Credit Union. You can buy tickets or just donate to help out!

Click the pic for more details:

From Brandi's GOFUNDME page:

"I know there are a lot of people out there needing help right now, and I hate asking anyone for help. I always am the person trying to help other people when I can but I am really struggling right now, and hoping that the kindness will come around. My son and I have to move by March 31. I am a single mom, with no income right now. I lost my job in June and it has been very hard finding another one, I'm drowning in debt right now just trying to survive. I was able to find a temp job but only lasted a month. I was under the impression I would have a month to month lease after my year was up but apparently that isn't the case, I used all of my taxes to pay my rent up to date leaving me with nothing for a sec deposit or pay any other bills. The 2 most important is electric which will be shut off in 2 weeks along with finding another home for my son and i. I am trying very hard to find a job. Find a place to live and it's taken a toll on me along with my son so I am hoping that of anyone can help out anything helps. Thank you for reading.. this was a very hard decision to put this out there. I am hoping I won't get judged as sometimes we all need a little help sometimes, it's just very hard for me to ask. "

Monday, 06 March 2017 12:50



"Isaac The Great wasn't born in any oridinary way. He couldn't wait for his due date, arriving three  weeks early. He also couldn't wait for the hospital - being born in the front seat of a car.  He was only 4lbs 13oz, born small but healthy. However, these past few months Isaac's health has taken a turn and he has been in and out of the hospital.  He first started out with having an enlarged right kidney, high white blood cell count, and liver problems. Since then he has been in and out of the NICU.  Most recently Isaac The Great took a bad turn and was admitted into Mayo in Rochester.  They had  to increase his oxygen level and run multiple tests. Isaac has dealt with both RSV and Corona virus. With all these trips to the hospital, the medical bills for Isaac The Great have grown. Please help Isaac and family get through this tough time. We appreciate donations of any amount made for Isaac, every bit helps"

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 09:06



"It all started October 2015. Leah had been walking with a limp so we got it checked out by her pediatrician and he said by the looks of the x-ray, the femur bone had calcium. So we never bothered to go back till about a year later. Leah was playing with friends and one friend came down hard on her thigh knees down and her leg swelled up to the point I thought she broke something. So I took her to the emergency room where the took and x-ray then ordered a cat scan and a MRI. When all test were done the doctor began to tell me that nothing was broke but they were gonna refer us to oncology. My heart then sunk because we all know that, that's cancer. So from there we began our journey. We seen the pediatric oncologist here in Lacrosse who sent us to Madison where they specialize in pediatric orthopaedics oncology. We then had several appts that lead to a biopsy of the mass. It came back in accurate so they sent the tests to Boston children's hospital and Texas. One said by the looks of the MRI it very well could be sarcoma which is a form of cancer on the bone and another said it could be a f.a.v.a tumor. We then were seen by a plastic surgeon to discuss surgery. We knew that whatever is was it needed to be removed as it had grown to 8cm. So surgery was set for February 6th. Surgery went super well. They ended up taking out the bottom quad muscle and peeled back the top layer of the femur bone. The doc said the tumor grew 4 more cm so her incision is almost her whole length of her thigh. Our hospital stay was 3 days long and she seemed to be doing alright. We were this would be a long road ahead of us and that Leah would be back in school the following week but then Leah started to get sick :( fevers, puking, headaches and intense pain in the leg. Doctor said anytime you take out a muscle it's a painful recovery. Little did I know that it'd be this painful. We've been back and forth the Madison doctor and lacrosse doctors to try and figure out what's hitting her so hard. February 15th when the drain tube was removed her leg started to swell and become very painful. We were on our way home from Madison that night and ended up pulling off the interstate as her leg was so bad and so swelled..I called 911. EMTs arrived they had to cut her pant leg due to so much swelling. They transported her to mauston hospital where they got in touch with her surgeon. Since the 15th we've had 6 appts both here in lacrosse and Madison and are currently being hospitalized. Her white blood cell count is currently elevated which is a sign of infection some where. Her leg does not appear to be infected but you never know. Thursday we went in on emergency basis and should've stayed in Madison but we came back to lacrosse because at the moment I felt comfortable enough. Well the ride home was rough. Every little bump I hit was bad painful. I then listened to my gut. I called and explained how I really felt. They then advised me to go to lacrosse er where Leah was admitted again for severe dehydration and pain control. While here in hospital they've take several blood test and pumped her with 3 bags of fluids. So far we've discovered that her hemoglobin is extremely low and her flu test was negative. Other tests are pending. Being a single mom of 2 children and having all these appts for Leah has thrown us in to a financial struggle and also emotionally. I have been in able to go back to work since the 6th. I have no help from the kids dad which makes it tough. I have had a tremendous amount of help but the beginning of the months coming and Leah's requiring alot to help with her recovery. I have several bills that I'm unsure how I'm gonna pay and Leah's bills as well. So a few friends suggested this GoFundMe me page. I'm not one to ask for help but am now. So I thank you all in advance for reading this. Prayers are very welcomed! Thanks again for the support and love!
Love Leah's mom,
Rosana "

Monday, 20 February 2017 13:33


Saturday February 11, 2017 Laura lost everything she owned due to an apartment fire. She is a 22 year old college student at UWL and works full time at Walgreens. All proceeds will go directly to Laura to help her get back on her feet. She only has the clothes on her back and her dog so any little bit will help her!


Thursday, 16 February 2017 11:14


Each year Business Management students in the Professional Profile course at Western Technical College develop a service learning project. For the third year they are continuing with the event, “Suits for Success,” collecting new and used professional clothing attire and accessories that are donated through various drop off locations at local businesses and on campus. The items that are collected are distributed on March 8th, 2017 at the Lunda Center on the Western Technical College Campus. College students and community members are able to come to the event and will receive a professional outfit that they can use for interviews or enhancing their professional image. In addition to the clothing, we also have presentations and various local organizations that help people with business and job skills. Last year the event helped 200 college and community members obtain a professional outfit during the one day event. The drive is looking for professional clothing items such as suits, business jackets, collared dress shirts, ties, shoes, dress slacks, and professional accessories for men and women. There is a donation box in the Welcome Center of Western Technical College. Item collection goes through Monday, March 6th.


Friday, 10 February 2017 13:28

Brigid's Service Trip Donation

Later this month, Brigid Bush will partner with Global Volunteer Network and the Bamboo Project for a volunteer trip to two rural villages in Thailand and Cambodia.

In Cambodia, Brigid will work on a clean water project in a rural village outside of Siem Reap and learn about the challenges of living without such everyday luxuries. She'll also be working and living in a village near Surin, Thailand to help build sustainable projects, support the farming community, and (bonus!) learn Thai cooking, farming, and elephant care taking with a host family.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Brigid's journey and donate to her GoFundMe page