ZCare is committed to making a difference in our community. Along with our friends at G.E.C.U. , we provide support to our friends and neighbors in a number of ways and we couldn't do it without you. Thanks for your partnership in improving the lives of those in need.


To submit a request email ZCare@z933.com.





 Last year, 750 brave souls participated in the Polar Plunge in La Crosse. The best part? After their bodies returned to 98.6°F and the donations were tallied, they raised more than $132,500 for Special Olympics Wisconsin.

This year, G.E.C.U. and ZCare are joining in this event to raise money for Wisconsin Special Olympics and you can help! G.E.C.U. will be selling Polar Plunge Bear Icons at their branch on the corner of La Crosse Street and Copeland Avenue for just $1. Stop in and buy one, or more, to help local athletes! To start a Plunge team, donate online, or register for the Freezin' for a Reason 5K CLICK HERE!


Paige Graham just turned 29 and has cancer. Here's her story:

"I have three of the most beautiful, kind, loving little girls you could ever meet and a husband who is so amazing to all of us! I was just recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. The vey same disease my 5 siblings and I lost our mother to 19 years ago. It was actually the anniversary of her death when I got my port put in to start receiving my chemo treatments. Ever since losing my momma, I have been terrified of going through the same thing. Breast cancer has always been my worst nightmare, and now it is my reality. I am scared to death of anything taking me from my girls this early. They are only 1, 4 and 12. I am giving this fight everything I have, as I have entirely too much to live for. Giving up is NOT an option! I served as Active Duty in the United States Air Force for 9 years as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Although I loved my job, it was not what I would consider my calling. So I got out of the military last May to go to school full time for social work. After about 7 months of just doing school and spending extra time with my two youngest, I decided it was time to go back to work to bring in more income for my family as we desperately needed it. My first week of the job, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My bosses don't know me from anyone else yet are still working with me and allowing me to keep my job. They understand that I will have to miss a lot of work with the chemo treatments and then the double mastectomy and radiation to follow. I have already missed so much work, and I just started this job. I know I have an excuse, but I am feeling awful about it. My closest family and friends are telling me not to worry about work and out all of my energy into fighting this cancer. But I also have a family to think about. I can't put all of the financial burden on my husband. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story. My siblings and I have already been through so much in our lives. It's not fair that we have to go through this cancer crap again! But I know, God does not give us anything we cannot handle. We can get through this one day at a time! We just have to stay positive, and lean on each other for support!! I have had an overwhelming amount of support flowing in from all over the place and it is absolutely heartwarming."


 Join the La Crosse Park and Rec for all kinds of winter fun!

Don't miss the Winter Fishing Derby, Figure skating, curling and more! Join a tournament for broomball, kickball, volleyball, softball, sheepshead and Eucre!

Figure Skating Exhibition -Friday, Jan 20, 6:00PM

Hike, show shoe and sled before the fireworks at Family Fun Night at Forest Hills: Friday, Jan 27 at 5

Tune in for Medallion clues starting Jan 18, and sign up for the sports and card tournaments by Friday Jan. 20!




I would like to send a personal warm welcome to our new Zcare partners at G.E.CU.! With the support of G.E.CU., Zcare will be able to help even more of our friends and neighbors in our community. Stop in to G.E.CU., on the corner of Third and La Crosse streets to thank them for helping us continue spreading love with Zcare.

All of us here at Z93 are SO happy to have them on board with us!

Much love,


Zcare Coordinator

Check out all their awesomeness here:


Zcare is proud to help our friends and neighbors in the community and was recently able to donate to Onalaska's Chris Ask. Chris has been a longtime assistant coach for boys basketball. Maggie Ask's Dad, Peter, is a retired principal of OHS and Maggie used to be heavily involved with the youth programs at Onalaska Park and Rec.

The condition Chris deals with (AVM), is a disease affecting the way blood travels from his heart through his arteries and capillaries and then returning through his veins. Blood flowing abnormally damages the blood vessels causing them to bulge and get twisted. If the AVM continues, it results in creating poor blood supply to his tissue; continuous pain from the skin breaking down and causing open sores where the veins burst and spill blood. If not treated, Chris could ultimately lose his arm.
This is a relatively rare disease with very few doctors or hospitals around the country knowing how to treat this condition. Dr. Yakes, of the Swedish Medical Center in Denver, CO is a world renowned specialist in the area of AVM. Chris has taken medical leave from work to focus on treating his AVM with Dr. Yakes and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Oswald, in an effort to save his arm. This means that Chris and another companion will be flying to Denver for four days every two weeks.


Kala recently had her daughter, Kiara, at just 25 weeks gestation. She weighs 2lbs .05 oz and is 13 inches long. She was doing great. Recently she has became very ill and is fighting so hard. Kala asked if we could get a prayer chain going for Christmas for her daughter. 

Sending love and good vibes for her family, will you please do the same?

Scott Mahlum, who races at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway, and his team have reached out to 4 families with special needs children to help make their Christmas brighter! They will be delivering the goodies on December 17th from 1-4 at Moose lodge in La Crosse with food, games, prizes, presents! If you'd like to donate to help, email Katie: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our boy Hollywood, host of the 3rd shift show on Z93, needs your help! He and his fiance had twin boys and one of them has meningitis right now. If you're able to donate to help cover the cost of medical bills, even a few dollars would help. Hit up their GOFUNDME PAGE HERE.

Thanks and much love,


http://lacrossejaycees.org/default/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/TFT-White.pngThe La Crosse Jaycees are accepting applications for their Toys for Tots program through this Thursday, December 1.

To apply, provide the following information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parent name, address, phone number

Whether or not they have the ability to play DVDs

Children ages 0-12 birthdate, name, and 3 choices of toys from the following list: baby toys, games, puzzles, books, legos/blocks, arts and crafts, science, play tools, musical, cars/trucks, sports, action figures, Nerf, barbies, dolls, hair/jewelry, kitchen

We hope this helps!
Be well, Ballzer