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Tuesday, 02 January 2018 10:50

The Struggle is Real

I have struggled with my weight for the past 10 years.  The scale kept going up and I kept pretending that it didn't bother me.  I was having fun.  I was eating whatever I wanted.  I was having as many cocktails as I wanted.  My clothes kept getting tighter and I was forced to buy bigger sizes.  It bothered me, but I just kept pushing it off to the side and I would find outfits that would hide the parts of me that I disliked the most.  In pictures, I would often think to myself...that doesn't even look like me.  But for some reason, it still didn't register.  Sure, I tried a few diets over the years.  I tried cutting out carbs and had some luck temporarily.  But then I looked at a french fry, and I gained it all back and then more on top of that!  It was out of control.  

I had pretty much given up on dating because I had dated all of the wrong guys who treated me poorly.  I finally found Mr. Awesome in October of 2015.  At my heaviest weight, this amazing man wanted me.  How was that possible?  He thought I was beautiful, even though I wasn't skinny like I used to be.  So, of course...that did not help with my motivation.  I was fat and happy in love.  Or so I thought.  While looking at my friend's profiles on Facebook, I had seen a couple of them transition into healthier bodies with the help of NuYou Weight Loss and More in Onalaska.  So I started asking questions and in November of 2016, I went in for a free consultation.  They told me everything about the program.  The cost, how it would go, my commitment, etc.  I left the clinic and I did not sign up that day.  I wasn't ready to commit.

January 21, 2017 Mr. Awesome proposed to me and made me the happiest woman on the planet.  But within 12 hours that would all change.  The next morning, I fell backwards off of the stage at Wedding World and I suffered a traumatic brain injury.  As you know, I lived!  It was a miracle.  Although there was intense therapy, difficult healing procedures, and I'm still recovering...I'm alive.  That day, everything changed.  My outlook on life and how I viewed it.  I was not healthy.  I was too over weight and I was unhappy.  Once I was cleared by doctors to start a weight loss program, it was time to start.  I went back to NuYou in February 2017 and started the program on February 28th.  I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  I knew it was going to take will power and dedication.  But I knew that after what I had suffered through with my accident, I could handle anything. 

I started with the NuYou Fast 1000 program, did the NuYou Fast 800 program and also tried the NuYou Pronto program.  The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth every dollar I've spent and every decision I've made to make healthier choices to get to a better me.  I'm a brand new person.  As of October 27, 2017 I lost 80 pounds and over 80 inches.  I'm healthy, happy, and I love shopping for clothes.  No more size 18 pants and XXL shirts.  I'm now wearing a size 8/10 pants and a Medium size shirt.  It feels amazing and now I'm happy and most importantly, I'm healthy!  It's your turn to start the next chapter.  Click here!

~Brittany Styles

 80 pounds

Friday, 29 December 2017 08:47




Hunter T Schultz is a junior at Aquinas High School. He is a three time starting varsity athlete in hockey. He was the top scoring player in the playoffs for Aquinas in 2016. He works very hard in, and out of, school. His friends and family are very proud of all his accomplishments.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 07:55

#TrendyTuesday #WindChillAdvisory


It's the first extremely cold day of winter and baby it's COLD OUTSIDE!  We're expecting a high of 1 degree above zero with wind chill readings 25 to 30 below zero!  This will continue for about a week or so, and everyone in the midwest is tweeting and posting about it. #WindChillAdvisory


Friday, 22 December 2017 08:30




Grant is an 8th grader at Longfellow Middle School.  He trains and competes in BMX.  Grant is two hours from any BMX track, but he has a track at home that he maintains and trains on.  He also trains in the gym to stay on top of the competition.  He represented the US in the UCI World Championships this past summer in South Carolina and did very well at our USA BMX Grand Nationals. He placed 18th on his cruise bike and 29th on his class bike out of all the 14 year old experts in the country.  In addition to being an exceptional bike racer, Grant excels in football and basketball.  He is a trombone player in the school’s band and jazz band as well.  He gets A’s and B’s in school and is in the high performance learning math class. He volunteered in a Grandparent Group that went to local nursing homes and he also volunteers in the community with his family.  


Wednesday, 20 December 2017 19:05


We had a blast today visiting 3 local businesses for our Pop Up Holiday Parties!  Check it out!


Friday, 15 December 2017 20:35



Our friend Amy DuPont who used to work on one of our local TV stations is now working at Fox6 in Milwaukee, and she's gone viral!  On Wednesday, Amy was about to go live when her photographer nailed her in the face with a snowball.  Amy had to go live within 30 seconds and had to pull herself together.  She's a pro!  Being that Amy and I are besties (she was in my wedding this past October), we got an exclusive interview with Amy this morning!  Check it out!  And when Ellen calls...remember who loves you most :)

And because we can't stop watching it, here's the snowball to the face!

usa reporter snowball fight 759 fb


Wednesday, 13 December 2017 08:27


Jenni and Tom from Subway stopped by this morning to tell us about their holiday platters and gift ideas!  If you're headed to a party or you're hosting, call Subway or hop online and order a platter of subs!  Delicious and convenient!  And for the Subway sandwich lover on your list, a gift card is a great stocking stuffer!  Plus, they have their 24oz refillable tumbler that would make another great stocking stuffer idea.  Get refills for $0.99 until 9/30/18!  And now you can order your favorite Subway sandwich on the Subway App!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Friday, 08 December 2017 09:27




Lillie is a 7th grader at Holmen Middle school.  She is a dancer at Applause Dance Academy in La Crosse, and she is also is in show choir at school!  Lillie puts in 13 hours a week in the dance studio, plus all the countless hours she dances at home.  She also helps out at her church with the Sunday school program.  Lillie is a straight A student and has worked very hard to get good grades.  She takes pride in her grades and is always striving to do better!

Thursday, 07 December 2017 08:46


The Z93 Morning Buzz is heading to your office for a Pop-Up Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 20th!

We're bringing decorations, music, Topper's Pizza, Pepsi products, and more!  And we'll only distract you for 9 minutes and 33 seconds.  The best 9 minute and 33 second Holiday Party, EVER!

Nominate your office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!  If your office is chosen we'll be in touch no later than Monday, December 18th with further information.

Happy Holidays from the Z93 Morning Buzz!

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 08:02

#TrendyTuesday #Facebook #Messengerkids

Facebook has over 2 billion users.  Technically, you're supposed to be over the age of 13 to be on Facebook.  But they now have a messenger app for children younger than 13!  Messenger Kids lets parents sign up their children using just the child's first and last names. It's designed mostly for non-phone devices, like a tablet or iPod Touch.  It's only available in the US on Apple's iOS for now, but it's coming soon to Google Android and Amazon Kindle devices  Seems safe, but as the parent...you're in control!  Click here to learn more


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