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Saturday, December 15, 2018 - Sunday, December 16, 2018


Friday, 02 November 2018 07:45


Professional Championship Bull Riders are at the La Crosse Center tonight and tomorrow night, and you don't want to miss the action!  Fun for the whole family!

  • Cowgirl barrell racing, Bull Riding, Bull Knocker Soccer, and more!
  • In addition to regular admission tickets (available for purchase at the door), they've added over 100 V.I.P seats, right next to the action!  Purchase those at the La Crosse Center Box Office (while they last)!
  • The first 300 kids in the door get a free cowboy hat (both Friday and Saturday nights)!
  • General admission tickets start at just $7.50 for children ages 5-12!  For more information, CLICK HERE!


Wednesday, 31 October 2018 07:02


If you're not sure what time Trick-or-Treating hours happen in your city, we've got you covered!



Tuesday, 30 October 2018 07:32



Londoner Tom Pearcy recently set a Guinness World Record by sailing in the world's largest pumpkin boat. He carved the boat out of a 1,364-pound pumpkin. Tom received cheers as his maiden voyage began. He said, "Roman conquerors, Viking invaders, medieval knights, Victorian industrialists and now tourists have all sailed down York's River Ouse. But never in York's 2000 year history has anyone ever rowed a giant pumpkin!"



Wednesday, 24 October 2018 06:04


Saturday, November 17th is the 24th annual UWL 5k Turkey Trot run and walk!  UWL's Turkey Trot is the area's original Trot and is a popular pre-Thanksgiving tradition for many friends and families throughout the region! There's a costume contest, coloring contest and Junior Gobbler races for younger trotters.  And there are awards too!  CLICK HERE for early bird registration info and all details for the Turkey Trot!

 flash on the mic

group turkey trot photo

flash z

This morning we had Whitney and Flash, UWL's mascot, in the studio to tell us more about the big day!  Check out our interview here!

Thursday, 18 October 2018 08:51


Last night, Mid-West Family Broadcasting participated in the local version of the Family Feud to benefit The Parenting Place at the Weber Center, and it was a blast!  It was me, Ken Cooper from Classic Hits 94.7, Bags from 95.7 the Rock, and Brad Williams from WIZM-AM on our team.  We rocked round 1 and swept it, moving us into round 2.  That's where we got knocked out.  But that's ok.  We still had a lot of fun playing and watching the other teams continue.  Mayo Health System ended up taking the Championship Title this year! The event was hugely successful,  raising just over $33,000 for The Parenting Place...wow!!!

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We heard stories from real parents who utilize the programs and resources that the Parenting Place offers, and how it positively affects their lives on a daily basis.  The Parenting Place solely relies on donations from our community to keep their programs running for parents and caregivers in our community.  That's why this fundraiser, and others like it, are so important to be a part of and donate to!  If you'd like to make a donation, click here!

~Brittany Styles

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 07:51

#TrendyTuesday #October9

We found that October 9th is quite the day for interesting "special days" and a couple actual important days like, Fire Prevention Day and Scrubs Day.  However, Moldy Cheese Day (ewww) and Curious Events Day (???) are a couple of the more silly days that are highlighted today.  There are plenty more!  Check out the full list HERE and figure out how you're going to celebrate today!

Monday, 01 October 2018 08:01



sammi hanson smaller

Sammi Hanson is an 8th Grader at Onalaska Middle School. She is a W.E.B leader.  She plays basketball, softball, and volleyball.  Sammi gets good grades and even makes the OnaRoll (which is similar to Honor roll, but a smidge different). In her free time, she does gymnastics. 

Verve, a Credit Union is back with their Pumpkin Spice Loans!  To celebrate, the Z93 Morning Buzz will bring you and 3 of your co-workers Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cinnamon rolls from Cabin Coffee!  We'll deliver each Monday, starting October 8th, during the month of October!

CLICK HERE to get signed up now!

Thursday, 27 September 2018 11:44


It's that time of year!  You're starting to think about your costume. Did you know Goodwill (in La Crosse and Onalaska) has EVERYTHING you need for Halloween?

Win $25 to spend at Goodwill and it's super simple!

  • Each Friday morning, visit Z93's Facebook page and Like our Z93 Crew Halloween photo by the following Tuesday for your chance to win.
  • Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries

4 lucky winners will score a $25 gift card from Goodwill!  Good luck from Goodwill and Z93!

Pictures will be posted on:

September 28, October 5, October 12, and October 19

Winners will be announced on:

October 2, October 9, October 16, and October 23

Monday, 24 September 2018 07:47


Needing to get this off my chest...

If you watched this season of America's Got Talent, then you definitely know who Michael Ketterer is.  The pediatric mental health nurse who adopted 5 children with his wife and sang his heart out week after week.  The final episode, we saw video messages from families who thanked him for changing their children's lives by helping them because of the amazing man he is.  I cried every time he took the stage because I thought...the world needs more people like Michael Ketterer.  I know I'm not alone.

Over the weekend, a story broke that this same man was arrested a day after the finals for domestic violence.  He and his wife had gotten into a fight at the hotel in Hollywood and he was arrested.  They both said it was a misunderstanding, and she didn't want to press charges.  Here's a link to the full story.  I saw the story over the weekend, and normally stories like this make me shake my head and I think...that's awful.  But this one really hurt me.  I thought...no...this can't possibly be the same guy.  Not Michael Ketterer.  Not the guy we fell in love with every single week.  The guy with all the kids he adopted, who helps children at the hospital.  Nope.  In fact...I couldn't even post the story to our Z93 Facebook.  That's how sad I was.  Weird, huh?  Not sure why it got to me like that, but it did!

So, this morning we talked about it on the air.  And somewhere in my sharing of this story I said, "We don't know what happened.  Ya know, fame does crazy things to people...maybe he cracked under the pressure."  I said that because I was hoping this was a one time situation that caused him to go temporarily insane and make a terrible decision to possibly abuse his wife.  TWO THINGS.  1- That does not make it ok.  But I was so wrapped up in the fact that I couldn't believe this was the same guy that I loved so much, that I didn't say that out loud.  Mistake on my part.  I should have said that.  2- We don't know what happened in that hotel room.  The only people that know are Michael and his wife. 

So, because of my lack of follow through in my statement, it was brought to my attention by a listener that I was making excuses for domestic violence abusers.  WHOA!!!  I certainly don't want people to think that, so I have to get it off my chest.  I did not mean that fame was an excuse to abuse his wife.  OF COURSE IT'S NOT OK!  IT'S NEVER OK!  I was trying to think of a possible scenario as to why it could have happened because it seemed so completely out of character for this guy.  But she was right.  There is no excuse.  In no way would I ever say it's ok to abuse someone and I'm so sorry if it did not come across that way on the radio.  That's why I had to set it straight. 

I pray that the two of them can figure this out because the fact of the matter is...they have 6 children to care for.  That is what matters most.  

~Brittany Styles