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Wednesday, 01 March 2017 09:06



"It all started October 2015. Leah had been walking with a limp so we got it checked out by her pediatrician and he said by the looks of the x-ray, the femur bone had calcium. So we never bothered to go back till about a year later. Leah was playing with friends and one friend came down hard on her thigh knees down and her leg swelled up to the point I thought she broke something. So I took her to the emergency room where the took and x-ray then ordered a cat scan and a MRI. When all test were done the doctor began to tell me that nothing was broke but they were gonna refer us to oncology. My heart then sunk because we all know that, that's cancer. So from there we began our journey. We seen the pediatric oncologist here in Lacrosse who sent us to Madison where they specialize in pediatric orthopaedics oncology. We then had several appts that lead to a biopsy of the mass. It came back in accurate so they sent the tests to Boston children's hospital and Texas. One said by the looks of the MRI it very well could be sarcoma which is a form of cancer on the bone and another said it could be a f.a.v.a tumor. We then were seen by a plastic surgeon to discuss surgery. We knew that whatever is was it needed to be removed as it had grown to 8cm. So surgery was set for February 6th. Surgery went super well. They ended up taking out the bottom quad muscle and peeled back the top layer of the femur bone. The doc said the tumor grew 4 more cm so her incision is almost her whole length of her thigh. Our hospital stay was 3 days long and she seemed to be doing alright. We were this would be a long road ahead of us and that Leah would be back in school the following week but then Leah started to get sick :( fevers, puking, headaches and intense pain in the leg. Doctor said anytime you take out a muscle it's a painful recovery. Little did I know that it'd be this painful. We've been back and forth the Madison doctor and lacrosse doctors to try and figure out what's hitting her so hard. February 15th when the drain tube was removed her leg started to swell and become very painful. We were on our way home from Madison that night and ended up pulling off the interstate as her leg was so bad and so swelled..I called 911. EMTs arrived they had to cut her pant leg due to so much swelling. They transported her to mauston hospital where they got in touch with her surgeon. Since the 15th we've had 6 appts both here in lacrosse and Madison and are currently being hospitalized. Her white blood cell count is currently elevated which is a sign of infection some where. Her leg does not appear to be infected but you never know. Thursday we went in on emergency basis and should've stayed in Madison but we came back to lacrosse because at the moment I felt comfortable enough. Well the ride home was rough. Every little bump I hit was bad painful. I then listened to my gut. I called and explained how I really felt. They then advised me to go to lacrosse er where Leah was admitted again for severe dehydration and pain control. While here in hospital they've take several blood test and pumped her with 3 bags of fluids. So far we've discovered that her hemoglobin is extremely low and her flu test was negative. Other tests are pending. Being a single mom of 2 children and having all these appts for Leah has thrown us in to a financial struggle and also emotionally. I have been in able to go back to work since the 6th. I have no help from the kids dad which makes it tough. I have had a tremendous amount of help but the beginning of the months coming and Leah's requiring alot to help with her recovery. I have several bills that I'm unsure how I'm gonna pay and Leah's bills as well. So a few friends suggested this GoFundMe me page. I'm not one to ask for help but am now. So I thank you all in advance for reading this. Prayers are very welcomed! Thanks again for the support and love!
Love Leah's mom,
Rosana "

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