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Needing to get this off my chest...

If you watched this season of America's Got Talent, then you definitely know who Michael Ketterer is.  The pediatric mental health nurse who adopted 5 children with his wife and sang his heart out week after week.  The final episode, we saw video messages from families who thanked him for changing their children's lives by helping them because of the amazing man he is.  I cried every time he took the stage because I thought...the world needs more people like Michael Ketterer.  I know I'm not alone.

Over the weekend, a story broke that this same man was arrested a day after the finals for domestic violence.  He and his wife had gotten into a fight at the hotel in Hollywood and he was arrested.  They both said it was a misunderstanding, and she didn't want to press charges.  Here's a link to the full story.  I saw the story over the weekend, and normally stories like this make me shake my head and I think...that's awful.  But this one really hurt me.  I can't possibly be the same guy.  Not Michael Ketterer.  Not the guy we fell in love with every single week.  The guy with all the kids he adopted, who helps children at the hospital.  Nope.  In fact...I couldn't even post the story to our Z93 Facebook.  That's how sad I was.  Weird, huh?  Not sure why it got to me like that, but it did!

So, this morning we talked about it on the air.  And somewhere in my sharing of this story I said, "We don't know what happened.  Ya know, fame does crazy things to people...maybe he cracked under the pressure."  I said that because I was hoping this was a one time situation that caused him to go temporarily insane and make a terrible decision to possibly abuse his wife.  TWO THINGS.  1- That does not make it ok.  But I was so wrapped up in the fact that I couldn't believe this was the same guy that I loved so much, that I didn't say that out loud.  Mistake on my part.  I should have said that.  2- We don't know what happened in that hotel room.  The only people that know are Michael and his wife. 

So, because of my lack of follow through in my statement, it was brought to my attention by a listener that I was making excuses for domestic violence abusers.  WHOA!!!  I certainly don't want people to think that, so I have to get it off my chest.  I did not mean that fame was an excuse to abuse his wife.  OF COURSE IT'S NOT OK!  IT'S NEVER OK!  I was trying to think of a possible scenario as to why it could have happened because it seemed so completely out of character for this guy.  But she was right.  There is no excuse.  In no way would I ever say it's ok to abuse someone and I'm so sorry if it did not come across that way on the radio.  That's why I had to set it straight. 

I pray that the two of them can figure this out because the fact of the matter is...they have 6 children to care for.  That is what matters most.  

~Brittany Styles

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Where were you 17 years ago when our nation was attacked?  We're sure you know exactly where you were and exactly what you were doing.  We will never forget that day, we will never forget all of the lives that were lost, and we will never forget the feeling of complete helplessness.  This morning we had someone ask us for the tribute that Z93's Jen O put together on that tragic day of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven."  This woman is a teacher, and she has played this tribute for her middle school class every year since 9/11/01.  She went to reach for her CD today and for some reason, she couldn't find it.  So, we sent it to her and it reminded us yet again...we will never forget.


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rsz friday september 28th 6am 2


We hope you're ready!  We'll see you Friday, September 28th at Brother's Bar for the official pre-tapping party with the Z93 Morning Buzz!

We'll have the Jim Busta Polka Band (they are the OFFICIAL OKTOBERFEST POLKA BAND and it's a party because of them)!  Party goes from 6am-10am!

Get there early to score an Oktoberfest koozie and T-Shirt!  There will be Breakfast, Bloody Mary Bar and Mimosas, Kraut Eating and Stein Holding Contests for prizes, and more!

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You should sign up for Mark Jewellers Diamond Dash because you never know what could happen!  Colleen and Aric were the winners of the first Mark Jewellers Diamond Dash in 2012!  6 years later, they're happily married and expecting a baby boy in November :)  They're loyal Mark Jewellers customers and Colleen is still happily sporting her beautiful diamond ring that she won on that awesome day!


Now it's your turn!  Saturday, September 15th you could win one of TWO $5,000 Diamond rings from Mark Jewellers in the Mark Jewellers Diamond Dash with Z93!  CLICK HERE to get signed up now!

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Congrats to Ben on being our winner of Livin' Large with Goodwill!  He and his friends, Max and Hayden and his sister Danielle, got to ride in a Luxury Limo on the first day of school and we had breakfast at McDonald's in Onalaska!  What a great first day back to school!  To see more of our adventure, check out the Z93 Facebook page!

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teacher logo

Congratulations to Valarie Rothering who teaches 4K at Irving Pertzch Elementary School!

Valarie was nominated by one of her students to win a personalized shopping spree from Style Encore!  Congrats Valarie and have fun getting ready for back to school! 

Valarie was pretty excited and surprised to learn that she was our winner...

Tuesday, 07 August 2018 07:44

#trendytuesday BECCA'S ENGAGED

Well, it's over.  Becca's engaged. 

Brittany guessed the wrong guy!

Check it out!

Fun Fact: The beaded gown that Becca wore during last night's season finale took over 600 hours to make and cost $22,000.

Friday, 27 July 2018 07:15


Sierra Houchin was our big winner of the L.A. Chainsmokers Flyaway from Pepsi of La Crosse!  Monday, she and her boyfriend Derek headed to L.A.!  We caught up with her this morning so she could tell us all about their trip!  

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Thursday, 12 July 2018 10:05


We give you a Life Hack from Brittany's Life Hack Calendar almost every morning on our show!  Today we decided to put one of them to the test!  Check out what happened...


Monday, 09 July 2018 09:35


Lauren from Caledonia won the Summer Sea-Doo from Vita Ice and 2 Brothers Powersports

IMG 5414

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