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Z93 Has declared Monday, May 9th as "Pet Mom Day!"


Congratulations to our winner, Kellie!  Her dog, Kip, wrote an adorable email to us about his fur mom.  Kip is also a big deal...you can check him out on Instagram, @kip_watring!  Kellie will receive pampering from Natural Beauty in Onalaska and Kip will get some goodies from Wags & Whiskers in the Village Shopping Center!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their emails and pictures!  Check out all of the entries below!

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Brittany and Ballzer weren't able to go to the Theresa Caputo show at the La Crosse Center last night so we called our friend Emily to get her opinion on the Long Island Medium. Check it out:

WOWZA: Courtside seats to Kobe Bryant's final game are selling for $27,500!

BABY ON BOARD: E! News claims Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child. She showed off a baby bump while posing at Cinema Con in Vegas. Considering she and her husband, Brian Austin Green, have been separated for quite some time...there's no word on who the father is...hmm...

GRIN AND BARE IT: Naughty Gossip claims Britney Spears is spicing up her costumes in order to boost ticket sales for her Vegas show. Britney's advance tickets sales are half of JLo's.

FAKE: X Ambassadors lead singer Sam Harris says that he used to pose as a fake manager to book gigs for the band. He made up a fake manager’s name with a fake e-mail address, asking for show dates. It worked some times. But luckily, they now have a REAL manager!

YIKES: Iggy Azalea tells says she will remove her fiance, Nick Young's manhood if he cheats on her. Well, I guess that's one way to scare the bejesus outta someone...

Big thank you to Joe Maye, from team Blake, for waking up early this morning to talk with the Z93 Morning Buzz!  He performed Live on The Voice last night and is hoping to make it through to the top 12! 

If you missed the live interview this morning...here ya go!

MONEY WON'T BRING HIM BACK: Contact Music claims Paul Walker's daughter Meadow has been awarded $10 million dollars from the estate of Roger Rodas, who was driving when he and Paul fatally crashed in 2013.

OOH LA LA: Meghan Trainor recently said that she would like to date Ed Sheeran.  Meghan said quote, "I would love to be his date. He would wrap his arms around me, and we would just do that side thing."

POTTY PARTY: Jason Derulo tells Perez Hilton that he has installed a full bar in his master bathroom.  Jason said quote, "There's a lot of bars throughout the whole compound.  It would suck to come all the way downstairs if I wanted a mojito.  So I could have my mojito upstairs if I want, or I could have some wine.  It's just about convenience.  My mom used to always say, ‘Women like nice bathrooms.'  So it was definitely important for me to have a fly bathroom."

RATINGS: 13.3 million people watched the series finale of American Idol....so all they had to do to up the ratings was cancel the show?  Why didn't someone think of that sooner?!

SAD: Perez Hilton claims a New York state judge has tossed Kesha's appeal case against Sony.  She wanted to get out of her contract because Dr Luke allegedly assaulted her.  The judge found Kesha to be unreasonable for not accepting Sony's offer to work with other producers from their label.STOP,

GAME OVER: TMZ claims the FYI Network has canceled Khloe Kardashian's show 'Kocktails with Khloe'.

STOP, DROP, AND ROLL: Raw Story claims 20,000 scarves made under the Ivanka Trump brand have been recalled because they're flammable. The scarves were made in China and sell for between $12 and $68.

CONGRATS: The Wrap claims Melissa McCarthy is going to receive the Comedic Genius Award at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

SURPRISE: A NASCAR fan got the surprise of a lifetime, as she was leaving Martinsville Speedway, when she discovered that she was riding next to Kyle Busch.  Kyle honked and waved at her.  She freaked out and Kyle shared the video on his Facebook page.

REUNITED: Contact Music claims Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are moving in together again, months after their split, to give their family a second chance.

ANGRY: Contact Music claims Sean Penn is joining the cast of the upcoming Angry Birds movie. He will play Terrence and only communicate by grunting and growling.  Sounds like some of Brittany's ex boyfriends!

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