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My dreams came true this morning! We had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Braeden who plays Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless.  He's been on the show since 1980, and I've watched Young and the Restless since I was a little girl! I still watch every day.  In fact, it's the first thing I do when I get home every day!  Aside from being an actor, Eric is also quite an athlete and has had many sports related achievements.  Here is our full interview with Eric Braeden!  His voice is so epic!

~Brittany Styles





Today is Ballzer's 35th birthday!  I got her a birthday cake and a sweet Brewers thermal mug, our resident photographer Bob Good surprised her with a great framed photo, her lady friend got her flowers, Mama Styles brought her an awesome Brewers picture...Man she's spoiled!

Plus, Ballzer got a great surprise visit from the one and only Gladys (played by Lisa Olson) from The Heart of La Crosse Comedy Troop!  Check out the video!



He's a Grammy winner,  British Oscar nominee, has  8 Platinum records,  wrote Bobby Brown/New Edition's first hits, and of course had that rad Ghostbusters song! Guitarist/songwriter/producer Ray Parker Jr. had hits as Raydio , Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio, and Ray Parker Jr., He also co-wrote hit songs for Rufus and Chaka Khan and Barry White. Ray's currently writing the definitive memoir, "Who Ya Gonna Call? The Adventures of Ray Parker Jr." as well as a new album of original songs, "1983," expected out by before Christmas 2016.



Check out the video of Ray jamming the Ghostbusters theme on Jimmy Kimmel Live with the casts:

We had the pleasure of speaking with, best-selling author and award-winning journalist, Carole Radziwill this morning!  You may know Carole from The Real Housewives of New York City, however you may not know that Carole has been a journalist for many years.  In 1988, she landed an internship at ABC News, working with Peter Jennings' documentary unit and the newsmagazine shows Primetime Live and 20/20.  Carole has earned three Emmy Awards, a Robert F. Kennedy Humanitarian Award, and a GLAAD Award.  She has traveled all over the world for her work, reporting on stories from places like Cambodia, India, and the Middle East. To learn more about Carole, click hereThe Grow Bar is Carole's newest project! 

And click below to listen to our full interview with Carole Radziwill!

O.A.R. is coming to Freedom Fest with TUGG, The Remainders, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It's a great event for Veteran Causes, and this year it's 2 days! La Crosse Symphony Orchestra is playing a free concert Friday night, July 15, and the motorcycle ride and concert are Saturday July 16th at UWL.



 Their new album, XX, is due out August 5th.

Here's the Evolution of a Song video!


 Brittany and Ballzer had the chance to talk to O.A.R. guitarist Richard On. Check it out:


You might recognize his name from his 2006 debut album, “Playing With Fire”; his appearances on WWE, CSI or One Tree Hill; or his 2007 Nationwide Superbowl Commercial. Or maybe you’re familiar with his ex-wife. In any case, Federline’s name and face have shuffled in and out of pop culture references for the last 15 years.

From a humble beginning in Fresno, California, Kevin experienced the wildest, fastest ride into the limelight, jumping from backup dancer, to A-list reality television star, to prime-time drama/B-list guest-star. He found his first success in 1999, performing on stage with some of the most iconic pop and hip hop artists of the era including Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Usher, P!nk and Justin Timberlake.

Dance lead him to music, which has been his focus ever since. In 2012 Kevin started DJing in clubs from Atlantic City to Las Vegas to Tokyo. His personal style which he once described as “a hip-hop flavor, mixed with a little bit of rock and roll,” now includes electronic influences.

Ten years after his first, infamous foray into music production, Kevin is back with plans to cut more records and continue DJing, producing and rapping. In the last few years, Kevin took a step out of the spotlight to become a family man and raise his 6 kids.

Today on his Instagram you’re just as likely to see his 13-and-under squad playing with the family dog, as photos of him at the club, but music has remained a constant priority.


 Check out the video we were talking about for Hollywood:



I did something yesterday that I have been putting off for years.  It's something that everyone should do, sooner than later.  I got a full body check for moles and signs of skin cancer.  I had a few moles of concern, like the one on my face in this picture and on my neck and chest.  I thought it was time to get it done!

When I was in my early 20's I did A LOT of tanning in tanning beds. I knew it wasn't good for me, but I wanted to be tan because I thought it made me look beautiful! Although a nice tan glow can look beautiful...skin cancer, lesions, and black hairy moles are not quite as beautiful.

Thankfully, at this time, I do not have any moles that are medically concerning. Amazingly, by looking at my back he knew that at some point I had suffered a sun burn that caused blistering. To me it looks like freckles, to the Dermatologist it's sun damage. I'm supposed to watch a couple of them to be sure they don't grow or change color, but overall I was lucky.

The Dr. did suggest that a small amount of sunlight is actually good for your health. 20 minutes a day was his recommendation (using sunscreen). Natural sunlight gives you the Vitamin D that your body needs.

If anything, finding out the condition of your skin as a baseline is a good idea. Then you have something to compare it to years down the road. And let's be real...most importantly, it's peace of mind! If you find there are signs of skin cancer, you can get on top of it and get it taken care of before it becomes deadly!

Sure, it wasn't the most comfortable experience because it's important for the doctor to check every inch of your naked body.  It's not the time to be self conscious.  The doctor is being thorough to insure to catch any and all signs of concern!  I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but I thought maybe you were thinking about it and possibly were putting it off, like I was, because you were scared.  I now have one less thing to be concerned or stressed about!

Click here to learn more about how to protect your skin, ways to prevent skin cancer, and avoid further damage!

~Brittany Styles


Maybe the President has a future in music after this whole Leader of the Free World gig is up. Baracksdubs threw down some presidential moments to Drake's song "One Dance!"