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Monday, 22 August 2016 07:11


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FINALLY!  Congrats to Jeanette Henderson of La Crosse!  She scored the Maid Up or Paid Up Jackpot from Subway, Eat Fresh!  $1,446.75!  Jeanette has 5 kids, so this will definitely come in handy! :)


Friday, 19 August 2016 07:16


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GENEROUS: Johnny Depp's ex wife, Amber Heard, says she is donating her $7 million divorce settlement to the ACLU and the Children's Hospital of LA. Amber said quote, “Money played no role for me personally and never has, except to the extent that I could donate it to charity and, in doing so, hopefully help those less able to defend themselves.”

DO WE NEED THIS? Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may get their own Variety-type TV show. They've got great chemistry and they’re also very in sync when it comes to finding talent.

MISS MOVIN' ON: Selena Gomez can't seem to quit the Biebs. Apparently, she dreams about him often and wakes up depressed because of it. She wants to move on, but her attachment to Justin is making it difficult. Selena's friends have suggested hypnosis to knock the habit!

NOT SHOCKING: The Rock and Vin Diesel have mended fences. Universal Pictures stepped in and squashed the beef. A rep for Universal says, "What happened is over, and no one expects there to be any lingering effects.”

YESSSSS! New Kids on the Block will guest star on the Netflix show ''Fuller House.'' It's in production now. When it hits Netflix, don't plan on seeing me for a few days while I'm binging! ~Brittany Styles


Thursday, 18 August 2016 08:36


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Today is Bad Poetry Day, so Brittany and Ballzer decided to write each other bad poems and of course brought Shaw in on the action:

And Shaw finally was glorious:



Thursday, 18 August 2016 07:15


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EMBARASSING FOR U.S: 3 Olympic swimmers, including Ryan Lochte, will give statements to the the Rio police today about the their claims of being robbed at gunpoint. At this time, Rio police cannot find any evidence that supports their robbery story.  It's possible they made it up.

POSITIVE FOR THE U.S: ABC wants US Olympic gymnast and gold medalist Simone Biles for Dancing With the Stars.

BALLER: President Obama golfed yesterday on America's first organic golf course. 305 members pay an initiation fee of $350,000 and annual dues of $12,000 a year. Groundskeepers use no chemical weed killers, pesticides, or fertilizers.

POKEMON GO: The new Pokemon Go movie will be based on the Nintendo 3DS game Detective Pikachu. Pikachu will work alongside humans in solving cases.

FUNNY: Ricky Gervais was recently asked what music he works out to. Ricky responded with, “Mainly gangsta rap. Like Tupac.” He said, “The other day, I asked my girlfriend, ‘Is it OK for a 55-year-old comedian to be power jogging to the Rocky theme song?’ She called me an idiot.”

DOUBLE THE FUN: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are allegedly expecting twins thanks to IVF! That means they will have three kids under the age of three!  Whew!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016 08:51


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REAL: Mariah Carey was on Live with Kelly when she revealed that she doesn't have birthdays, she has anniversaries. She also confirmed the rumor that she gets 'carried around everywhere, and she has to wear a swim suit when she takes a bath because her twins won't leave her alone.

COOKIN': Lady Gaga and her dad Joe are releasing a cookbook that will include Gaga's family recipes. The name of the book is 'Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian American Restaurant'.

DUNZO: The E! Network has cancelled ''I Am Cait'' after two seasons. Caitlyn Jenner tweeted: ''After 2 amazing seasons of @IAmCait, it's time for the next adventure.”

NOOOO: Time Magazine claims a petition has been started to get Kanye West to perform at halftime of the Super Bowl. Only 884 people had signed the petition as of last night. The NFL released a statement saying they have not extended a formal offer to Adele or anyone else at this point.

WHOA! 7 foot Big Show and 7 foot 1” Shaquille Oneal will match up at WrestleMania 33!Big Show says it's a done deal. Big Show says he's got all the respect in the world for Shaq but "It doesn't mean I'm not gonna slap the crap out of him when I get the chance!"


Wednesday, 17 August 2016 07:08


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Beyoncé's dad. Jay Z's father-in-law. Talent manager. Businessman. Author. Matthew Knowles is known for being all of these things. Last year he published a book called "The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals" which has become a #1 best-seller on Amazon.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016 08:53


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We played At Work Olympics this morning to win tickets to Mississippi Valley Mayhem's Roller Derby Bout this Saturday. I was a little worried it was too hard so I grabbed Front Desk Megan to try it at the station. She gets an A for effort and I'll probably find some tickets for her efforts anyway ;)

CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON SATURDAY'S BOUT! We'll have more tickets all week long!



Here's the Snapchat video if you missed it. Follow us: Z93LaCrosse

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 07:03


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NOOOOOOO! Entertainment Tonight claims Justin Bieber recently got a white puppy named Todd but we won't be seeing the dog anytime soon in Instagram. Biebs warned us he would delete his account if the hate for his lady Sophia Richie continued and now overnight he deactivated his Instagram account, at least for the time being. Right now, Bieber's official Facebook and Twitter accounts are unaffected so we can still verify Todd's cuteness.

GET IT GIRL! Contact Music claims Katy Perry is launching her own line of sandals, sneakers, stilettos and pumps. She said "it's been a creative goal of mine to be a real contributor in the affordable fashion space."

EVEN STRANGER: claims Johnny Depp cut off his finger in March 2015. He dipped it in blue paint and wrote nasty messages on a mirror in front of Amber Heard. TMZ claims Johnny was convinced Amber was cheating on him with Billy Bob Thornton

DON'T WORRY, IT'S STILL ON! Radar Online claims Kim and Kanye's feud with Taylor Swift is continuing. Allegedly they've banned the Kardashians from playing Taylor's music. A source said “Kim and North were at a recent playdate at Kourtney’s with Penelope, when the girls asked to listen to Taylor Swift. Kim tore into Kourtney for playing Taylor’s songs to the girls and told her she should be more loyal.

GREAT DAY FOR MARIAH! TMZ, claims two Mariah Carey billboards, touting her shows at Caesars Palace, have been banned from airports in Burbank and Orange County, California because they are too sexy. Apparently Ceasars palace also requested a censored version... what to do with the billboards now? You know Mariah's gonna hang them up in her house and just yell “I'm too sexy!” at them...




Monday, 15 August 2016 07:18


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SCARY: US Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte and three US swimming teammates were held up at gunpoint on Sunday morning in Rio by bandits pretending to be police officers. They got pulled over in the taxi, and these guys came out with a police badge. They didn't have lights or anything. They pulled out their guns, and told the swimmers to get down on the ground. When Ryan refused, the guy pulled out his gun and put it to his forehead. The bandits took their money and wallets.

R.I.P. 3-foot, 8-inch Kenny Baker, who played R2D2 in the original Star Wars movies, has passed away at the age of 81.

NO DEAL: In the middle of a recent Adele concert, she announced she turned down the Superbowl Halftime gig. She said, “That show is not about music. I can't dance or anything like that.”

PRIVATE: Justin Bieber threatened to make his Instagram account private after fans began trashing Sofia Richie. He wrote: "I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate. This is getting out of hand.”

OOH BOY BAND: One Direction member, Zayn, is writing a tell-all book about One Direction and Simon Cowell. One source says this book is going to be explosive! Simon will be furious with Zayn, and may even try to stop it from coming out. And we can't wait to read it!


Friday, 12 August 2016 09:21


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NEW PATH: Actor and comedian Kevin Hart has signed a record deal with Motown Records to release an album under his rapper alter-ego, Chocolate Droppa, this fall. He posted to Instagram yesterday: "If you're a rapper I suggest you run because I'm about to come for all of you sucka's."

SMOKE SCREENS: The Rock's feud with Vin Diesel may be fake and a precursor to WrestleMania 33 and the release of Fast 8, which both take place in April of 2017!

FINALLY, SOMETHING SMART: Khloe Kardashian does not think her mother Kris Jenner should consider running for President in 2020. Khloe says, ''I love my mom. I just don't know if we're ready for the White House.” Finally...I agree with a Kardashian!

BABY: J-Lo's boyfriend Casper Smart has been begging her for a baby. There have been rumors that she is already pregnant, however J-Lo's people are saying that is absolutely false.

JAIL BAIT: 17 year old Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, was seen with Justin Beiber boarding his private jet yesterday. They were likely bound for Japan where he's appearing this weekend. Sofia turns 18 in 13 it legal Biebs!