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CARSON KRESSLEY: Emmy-Award winning TV personality, style expert, fashion designer and New York Times best-selling author are just a few of Carson’s credits. Best known from his years as the fashion expert on Bravo’s Queer Eye where he was one of the show’s “Fab Five”.  He is also starring on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, scheduled for airing in January, 2017. 


A hilarious style guide for women from fashion guru Carson Kressley. Carson has spent the last decade transforming thousands of women and connecting with millions more on Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America, and countless other national broadcasts.

He knows what makes these ladies tick. Whether they live in Tacoma or Tallahassee, there is a common thread among them all: they want to feel beautiful but don’t know where to start. They’re frustrated by fashion and can’t figure out which trends to follow and which to flee. They don’t have gobs of money to drop on their wardrobe and feel left out of the game. And when it comes to how they feel about their bodies, all they see are roadblocks… and signs for Burger King! 


Does This Book Make My Butt Look Big? Is a roadmap for the American everyday woman to build unshakable body confidence. Nowhere else is there a fun and accessible book created for the underserved masses of American women who just want to get out the door looking and feeling fabulous. These women need to reminded that fashion is FUN. They need to know that with the right tools, they have the power to transform their self-perception by shifting their mindset from woe-is-me to wow-is-me. They need the secrets of playing to their strengths and minimizing their flaws. They need to take more chances with pattern and color, and leave what doesn’t work in the dust. Most of all, they need Carson, their peppy, blond fairy god stylist, to show them the way! 



I know a lot of you love to dress up your dogs for Halloween, or for no reason at all! The shopping site Yroo has released their top searches over the last few weeks so your dog can impress their friends.

AND , here's a picture of Brittany's silly dog feeling ashamed in his costume for no reason:


Top 10 Pet Costumes of 2016

1. Pokémon pet costume

2. Minion dog costume

3. Star Wars pet costume

4. Ewok dog costume

5. Chewbacca dog costume

6. Frozen pet costume

7. Ghostbusters dog costume

8. Robin dog costume

9. Firefighter dog costume

10. Dinosaur dog costume

Goodwill is your Halloween headquarters.  Visit them in La Crosse and Onalaska this Halloween.  Check their costume book for ideas and ask their costume consultants for help to find the best costume this Halloween! 

You'll be able to find some great accessories,clothing items, and more to go with these awesome cardboard box costume ideas!  Good luck and save money this Halloween!  CLICK HERE FOR COSTUME IDEAS

Plus, you have the chance to win a $25 gift card to spend at Goodwill!  Visit our Z93 Facebook page and "like" our Goodwill Halloween photos, each Friday, during the month of October!  Good luck!

The 25th Annual Chili Cook Off with State Bank Financial! 

Congrats to our weekend warrior, Corey Kain, on his 3rd place win at the Chili Cook Off this past Saturday!  Z93's "Netflix and Chili" was 3rd place in the Chef's Choice category.


CLICK HERE for more info!

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We know you will be enjoying a few adult beverages at Oktoberfest, and that's great!  Have an awesome time...but PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

With the help of local sponsors, Oktoberfest has organized a free shuttle program that runs daily.  Here are the days/times and the routes for the shuttles.  Please use them and be safe!  Set a reminder in your phone right now to go off around the time you think you'll be heading home so you remember there is a safe and free option for a safe trip home!  Much love!



The Oktoberfest Medallion is out there...somewhere...on public property...just waiting to be found!  When you find it, be sure to take the medallion and your Oktoberfest button to the Oktoberfest Fest Office and claim the grand prize package.  Until then...happy hunting!  CLICK HERE for the medallion clues!

Before you head down for the tapping of the Golden Keg...Join Z93 at Brother's Bar (Pearl Street in down town La Crosse) for an Oktoberfest breakfast, bloodies, polka music, and more! 

Friday, September 30th from 6am-10am

The Z93 Morning Buzz will broadcast their show live, plus you'll have the chance to win bar tabs, prizes, and cash!

- Polka til your heart's content with The Jim Busta Band
- Win $100 in the Kraut eating contest
- Win Bar tabs and prizes in the Stein holding contest
- Enjoy an All You Care to Eat Breakfast for just $10: Includes Scrambled Eggs, English Muffins, Sausage Links and Diced Hashbrowns.
- 2 for 1 Bloody Mary's and Rail Mixers


This new mom sadly took her own life after a silent battle with Postpartum Depression.  If you've recently had a baby, or you know someone who recently gave birth, and something seems off; it could just be hormones...but it could be something far more serious.  This is not meant to scare you, but to inform you that Postpartum Depression is very real and is nothing to be ashamed of.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Allison's story.  Hopefully this will help others to recognize their symptoms, or symptoms of a friend, and get help before it's too late.

~Brittany Styles