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Alyssa is a junior at Houston High School. She plays softball, volleyball, and basketball.

She holds the school record for the most three pointers made in a game and is almost
at her 1,000 career high school points.
Alyssa also plays AAU summer/spring basketball
for the Rochester Shock. She coaches summer softball for Summer Rec.
She is a very
good leader and role model. Alyssa is in the weight room or gym every morning and
helps with the younger kids anytime they need it.
She is also a very good student.
She held a 3.97 GPA last school year and is very active in band, marching band,
7th grade mentoring, and student council.
Friday, 15 September 2017 09:23




Morgan is a sophomore at GET High School in Galesville.  She is on the GET HS Dance team as well as the competition team for Paradigm Dance Project Studio in Winona.  Last year she was one of 3 Freshmen at GET HS to receive the Coulee Conference Scholar Athlete award for maintaining a 3.5 GPA, while participating in a varsity sport.  She also received an Academic Letter and Excellence Award for maintaining a 3.9 GPA her first year of High School.  In addition to dance, Morgan also participates in 4H where she serves as a Youth Leader for the Dairy program, and she has been a Girl Scout since she was 5.

Friday, 08 September 2017 09:56



Matthew is a 6th grader at De Soto Middle school.
He plays baseball, football and often starts kickball games at home.

He loves to swim, play catch, attend baseball camps and meet new friends.
Although he enjoys gym and lunch the best at school,
he is a good student and a serious competitor.
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 07:55


SCARY: Aaron Carter is recovering from a terrifying car accident that occurred yesterday morning. Aaron suffered a broken nose and injuries to his arms and legs, but he is on the mend. Carter's vehicle was totaled in the accident, but his rep confirms that no one involved was seriously hurt.

REUNITED: Brad and Angelina have allegedly reconciled. Angelina says, “I don’t enjoy being single. It’s not something I wanted.

RELIEF: George Clooney, Oprah and Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and many more celebrities will participate in the Hurricane Harvey telethon on September 12th. “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief” will air live across ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and cabler CMT in a roadblock fashion. The telecast will originate from the Universal Studios lot, Times Square and Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry.

HALFTIME: Taylor Swift will perform at halftime of the college football national championship game in Atlanta on January 8th.

LOLZ: Madonna spent yesterday trying to convince FedEx that she was the real Madonna. She tweeted: “When you’ve been arguing with fed-ex all week that you really are Madonna and they still won’t release your package. #bitchplease.”

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 13:41


SCARY: Lil Wayne canceled his Vegas show after collapsing in Chicago due to a seizure. The rapper was found unconscious in his hotel room before being treated at a local hospital. Wayne is being advised to rest for several days.

WOW: The Prop Store is auctioning off Michael J Fox's self-lacing Nike shoes from Back to the Future 2. They're expected to sell for $45,000 or more.

BABY ON BOARD: The Royal fab 4 are soon to be five! Princess Kate and Prince William are expecting their third child together. They are already parents to 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte.

BDAY: Jay-Z was performing in Philadelphia on Sunday night when he had fans sing Happy Birthday to Beyonce. He said; 'Shout out to Beyoncé. Beautiful Bey is in the house tonight. Happy Birthday my love.'

ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID: Taylor Swift was a Bridesmaid in her best friend's wedding in Martha's Vineyard over the weekend. Locals booed Taylor for refusing to sign autographs and take pictures after the wedding.

WAITING: American Idol producers want Luke Bryan to judge the show with Katy Perry. They reportedly made an offer, but Luke has yet to respond.

ADORBS: Joe Jonas and his girlfriend, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, have adopted a new husky puppy named Porky. Porky has his own Instagram page with over 31,000 followers. 

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Do you want a rose from Vinny?

Join us at Legend's Nightclub on Friday, September 15th to meet Vinny "Vinsane" Ventiera from the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise!  He'll be doing a DJ set and mingling with the crowd.  

The party kicks off at 9pm, but you'll want to get your tickets in advance!  Click here for all the info!  

And be sure to tune in to the Z93 Morning Buzz on Tuesday, September 12th at 7:35AM to hear Vinny's interview with Brittany and Ballzer.  They'll chat about his experience on both reality TV shows, the scandal that rocked Bachelor in Paradise this season, what to expect at the Ultimate Bachelorette Party at Legend's, and more!  You won't want to miss's gonna be VINSANE!

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Tommy and Jackie are proof that YOU can have it all!  They participated in Diamond Dash with Mark Jewellers last fall, and won the $10,000 diamond ring from Mark Jewellers.  And now, they're GETTING MARRIED!  At the time of their victory, they weren't quite ready for that level of commitment.  So Tommy held on to that beautiful ring and kept saying, "3-5 years would be a good time line."  Jackie agreed and waited patiently.  But when they went to Ireleand on vacation a few weeks ago, Tommy was ready to ask the big question!  He completely surprised Jackie and swept her off her feet.  She finally gets to wear that stunning diamond ring!

They shared their story with the Z93 Morning Buzz, check it out:

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It's time for YOUR fairy tale!  Get a partner and register to compete in the Diamond Dash with Mark Jewellers on Saturday, September 16th!  It's free to play and super fun!  Click here to sign up today!

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LOOK MOM, NO HANDS! Mercedes-Benz has created a new, self-driving electric Smart Car. It will debut next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

FOOD TALK: Frito-Lay is selling organic Doritos and Cheetos. They're made without any artificial ingredients. And Candy Corn Peeps and Pumpkin Spice Latte Peeps will hit store shelves soon for Halloween.

NEW COUPLE: Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet is dating a pediatric nurse from Kansas city named Lindsay. They met during a charity event.

BALL BOY: DJ Khaled used to be a ballboy for the Orlando Magic when he was a kid. He got to hang around the greats like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.

PRIZED POSESSION: Mariah Carey says her most treasured possession is a white piano that used to belong to Marilyn Monroe when she was a child.

MODELS: Adam Levine's wife Behati Prinsloo will make an appearance during this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The CBS special will tape in Shanghai on November 28 and will air in December.

WOW: Prince's sister recently said quote, “It's strange because people always associate the color purple with Prince, but his favorite color was actually orange.”

CLOG JAM: Clay Aiken's New York neighbor Elizabeth is suing him for $60,000, claiming his clogged toilet leaked into her apartment causing extensive damage to her home and belongings. Well, that's a crappy situation.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 05:18


GENEROUS: Many celebrities are donating money to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Kevin Hart donated $25,000 and asked others to match his donation. The Kardashians donated $500,000.

BABY ON BOARD: Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole are expecting a second child together. In other news, Michael Phelps has challenged Conor McGregor to a swim race. He instagrammed a pic of them staring each other down in swim caps

CONGRATS: UFC stars Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne got married on Saturday night in Hawaii. She wore a cream-colored lace dress.

HERO: Bachelor star Sean Lowe recently used his boat to rescue Hurricane Harvey victims. He Instagrammed: ''I couldn't believe the devastation. My heart broke for all the elderly who are immobile and the mothers trapped in their homes with young babies. But I was encouraged by the selflessness of so many Texans who came to help where they could. Definitely a day I'll never forget.''

WOW: OJ Simpson will have to take a pre-release class before being paroled from prison. They are as simple as learning how to balance a checkbook and how to re-establish credit. They are mandatory and if you don’t complete them you don’t get released.”

WORK IT, GIRL: Cindy Crawford takes pole dancing classes to stay fit. They keep it really dark, so it's almost impossible to feel embarrassed.''

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 11:38


CONGRATS: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla are the proud parents of a new baby girl named August.

FLASH BACK: Right Said Fred is releasing a remix of ''I'm Too Sexy'' because Taylor Swift sampled his song for "Look What You Made Me Do."

LOVE: Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff debuted a new song over the weekend at a Festival in England. ''Get Lit'' is their first collaboration since 1998.

DISS: Kanye West is recording a Taylor Swift diss track because of her new song "Look What You Made Me Do." He has been in the studio this past week working on it.

TIED: Luis Fonsi's Despacito has tied Mariah Carey's One Sweet Day for most weeks at number 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. This week marks the 16th week in a row.

DUD: Some bigwigs at ABC were not impressed with Katy Perry's hosting of the VMAs. She did not audition for her spot on Idol, they're paying her 25 million, and they are freaking out that they hired someone who is terrible on live TV.

HACKED: Selena Gomez's Instagram account was hacked yesterday. The hackers immediately posted nude pictures of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. One caption read: "LOOK AT THIS LIL SHRIMPY."

TOO MUCH: Paris Hilton's dogs live in a two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier.