Tuesday, 07 July 2015 07:46


Florida State dismissed freshman quarterback De'Andre Johnson from its football team Monday after the state attorney's office said a video showed Johnson punching a woman at a Tallahassee bar last month.  Johnson, 19, turned himself in to the Leon County jail last week on a notice to appear for misdemeanor battery and was released on a $500 bond.  In the video, it appears that she raised her fist and him first and kneed him in the mid-section.  Obviously, it does not justify what he did to her, but do you think she should be reprimanded for her actions?  Here is TMZ's information about the story, and the video footage.  Warning...this video shows a violent content.

Monday, 06 July 2015 08:07



This is pretty fun and interesting.  I got the color red, and the description of me was pretty accurate.  What color are you?  Take the quiz!

Monday, 06 July 2015 07:52


R.I.P- Access Hollywood claims Michael Douglas' mother Diana Douglas died Saturday in Los Angeles. She was 92. The Sun claims Simon Cowell's mom Julie died of a stroke yesterday. She was 89.

DISRESPECTFUL: Someone was able to sneak into Bobbi Kristina's hospice room and snap a photo of her on her death bed. Rumor is it could be an extended family member. Bobby Brown's sister Leolah is demanding the truth, saying "I will make sure that anyone who came anywhere near Bobbi Kriss, including myself, will take a lie detector test!”


SURPRISE! People magazine and claim Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got married this past weekend.

TWEET OF THE DAY: Donald Trump Tweeted: "Miss Universe, Pauline Vega, criticized me for telling the truth about illegal immigration, but then said she would keep the crown. Hypocrite"

GOD BLESS AMERICA: Chelsea Handler celebrated Independence Day by wake boarding topless. She posted footage on Twitter. Caitlyn Jenner Instagrammed a pic of the American flag with the caption: "Happy 4th of July! Proud to be an American, where at least I am free to be me."

BABY YOU'RE A FIREWORK: Katy Perry and John Mayer were lovey dovey at a Grateful Dead concert in Chicago on the 4th of July. They announced their split back in March but it seems that has changed! Nothing like a little Grateful Dead to bring back the romance!

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Congrats to our amazing Women's U.S. Soccer Team for winning the World Cup!  They claimed the title in 1999 and got it back!  Way to go ladies! #girlpower

Thursday, 02 July 2015 14:11


I was at the La Crosse Airport when President Barack Obama landed in La Crosse today!  Here are a couple photos!  And you can check out more, including video on my Brittany Styles Facebook page.  Very cool experience!



Thursday, 02 July 2015 09:52


SLIPPERY SLOPE: Donald Trump's accusatory comments about Mexican immigrants bringing drugs, crime and rape into the U.S. have prompted a long list of celebs, hosts, judges, and sponsors to remove themselves from the Miss USA Pageant. Flo-rida, Natalie La Rose, former NFL player Emmit Smith, Craig Wayne Boyd, Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts have all pulled out of their scheduled roles in the Miss USA pageant.

WHELFIE: The White House is now allowing guests to take Selfies. They say: "Effective today, guests are now welcome to take photos throughout the White House tour route and keep those memories for a lifetime."

WONDER WOMAN: Caitlyn Jenner has made the BBC's list of the 'Most Powerful Women of 2015'. She is number seven on the list.

BOILING BUNNY: If you've seen the 1987 movie “Fatal Attraction” starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, then you remember scenes like the 'boiling bunny.' Fox has decided to turn “Fatal Attraction” into a one-hour event, TV series. The script will be written and produced by brilliant writers who worked on "Mad Men". No info yet on who will be cast to play the main characters.

BAD BOYS: TMZ claims the Miami police recently arrested Enrique Iglesias for driving with a suspended license and for driving in a closed express lane. Enrique hopped into the back seat while his passenger slid into the driver's seat. The move didn't fool cops as they charged everyone in the SUV.

HERE WE GO AGAIN: US Weekly claims Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have broken up because of their busy schedules. I believe this is the 3rd time they've called it quits. Wait 5 minutes, and they might get back together!

With his debut as the host of the 'Late Show' still months away, Stephen Colbert has found interesting ways to kill time.  The latest?  Interviewing Eminem on a Michigan public access channel.  Fast forward to about 22 minutes on the's worth it!  Eminem is either a brilliant actor...or he really has no clue what's going on!

Well, how about that?  Paris Hilton is a better actress than we thought!  She played it off like she was a victim...and we fell for it!  Now, we know the truth. She was in on the plane crash prank the whole time!  Impressive!  If you missed it, here's the video of the "plane crash prank."

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 09:16


HISTORY: Wired claims Matti Makkonen, the inventor of text messaging, has died at age 63.  He came up with the idea during a telecom conference dinner in Denmark in 1984

 HEART BROKEN:  Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have decided to end their 10 year marriage.  TMZ has learned the couple, whose anniversary was yesterday, will file for divorce.  They are working things out with a mediator and business managers.  The divorce will be filed when all of the property and custody issues are resolved.


DID A MONKEY JUST BITE MY EAR?!  A monkey recently escaped from the Australian set of ''Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales'' and bit a makeup artist.  A medic tells Contact Music: "The monkey had come up from behind the lady and bit her on her right ear.  She was just sitting there, minding her own business."  Fortunately it was not a serious injury.

PRIORITIES: Lil Wayne will perform at your club for $110,00...for a 15 minute/5 song set.  In addition to the loot, he demands an artist section big enough for his 20-plus entourage, stocked with 10 bottles of Dom Perignon, and more, at least 10 minutes prior to his arrival.  And with a history of being shot at, it's no surprise he demands 2 security guards on either end of his booth.

REALLY?  THE BANDANA SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF HIS WORRIES: The NY Post claims a Florida judge will allow Hulk Hogan to wear a bandana in court during his trial against Gawker.  He is suing the site for $100 million for posting his sex tape without permission.  But as long as he can wear his bandana, all will be right in the world.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 08:30


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