Tuesday, 18 July 2017 09:18

TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017

AMAZING: Simon Cowell recently paid for a 15 year-old girl's back surgery. Julia Carlile competed on Britain's Got Talent before disclosing she has scoliosis and may have trouble dancing in the future.

BABIES ON BOARD: Jessica Alba is expecting her third child. She already has two daughters, ages 5 and 9 and Topher Grace and his wife Ashley are expecting their first child together.

INTERESTING: Alec Baldwin will play Jack Nicholson's character Colonel Nathan Jessup in NBC's upcoming live production of ''A Few Good Men''.

DISNEY LIVE: Michael Keaton, Colin Farrell and Danny DeVito will star in Disney's live-action reboot of Dumbo.

ED SIMPSON: Ed Sheeran will guest star on The Simpsons this fall. Ed will get caught in a love triangle with Lisa and Nelson & the episode will parody Ryan Gosling's movie ''La La Land.'' Check out the pic on the Morning Buzz FB page!

UGH: Starz Network is developing a series based on Mariah Carey's life. Mariah will executive produce the series and it will chronicle the rise of a 16 year-old biracial singer.

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Monday, 17 July 2017 09:11

MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017

FAIR: The family of Jerome Barson, the 78 year-old man who was killed in a fatal car accident with Venus Williams, wants their attorneys to subpoena her phone records. The attorneys want to make sure that Venus was not texting or talking at the time of the crash.
: Former Spice Girl, Mel B has been ordered to pay her estranged husband $40,000 a month in spousal support for food, housing and his phone bills.

WISH GRANTED: Will Smith has been cast as the Genie in the live-action reboot of ''Aladdin''.

REST: Adele is still on vocal rest and was spotted using her own sign language at her son's school.

SORRY: The Beverly Hills police recently cited Justin Bieber for driving while using a smartphone. He was cooperative and apologized. Do you think he sang to the cop...”Is it too late now to say sorry?

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Friday, 14 July 2017 07:13

FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2017

NOM NOMS: Shaquille O'Neal is planning to purchase 100 Krispy Kreme donut shops. He currently owns one in Atlanta.

LOL: Fight fans have been chanting "Pay Your Taxes" during Floyd Mayweather press conferences because he owes millions of $$ to the IRS.

OUCH: Bradley Cooper's singing in 'A Star is Born' may need to be dubbed and touched up. Once source says, “There’s no way they can let his real voice stay in the movie. That’s how bad he is.”

BIG TIPPER: Several weeks ago New Kids on the Block star Donnie Wahlberg left a $500 tip at Waffle House in Maryland. Well, earlier this week he left a $2,000 tip at a Charlotte, North Carolina Waffle House & also gave out backstage passes and free concert tickets.

LOL: Serena Williams tried to deposit her very first $1 million check in a bank drive-thru. The bank teller said, 'I think you need to come in for this.' Full interview on the Morning Buzz FB page.

SAD: Walking Dead stuntman John Bernecker is in serious condition after falling 20 feet onto a concrete floor. He was airlifted to a hospital in Atlanta.

WOW: Jennifer Lopez is being considered for the Super Bowl 2018 half time show. The NFL and Pepsi have allegedly wanted Jennifer many times, but she was unable to do it because of her TV show and her Vegas commitment.  And if this happens, everyone's secretly praying for another wardrobe malfunction...

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Thursday, 13 July 2017 09:16


SORRY: Shia LaBeouf has apologized for his outburst at the Savannah, Georgia police after being arrested several nights ago for disorderly conduct.

Shia's statement reads, "I have been struggling with addiction publicly for too long and I am actively taking steps toward securing my sobriety and hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER? ''Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus'' is being developed into a movie.

BLING BLING: The Weeknd has been looking at engagement rings for Selena Gomez.

WHOA: Lady Gaga's boyfriend Christian Carino has allegedly asked her father for her hand in marriage.

WOW: Rihanna and her new boyfriend Hassan are working on a prenup already. They are both extremely wealthy and agree that what they bring into the marriage, financially speaking, is what they'll leave with if it ends.

HONOR: The city of Manchester, England plans to make Ariana Grande an honorary citizen for her efforts of bringing comfort to thousands and raising millions' after the attack on her concert on May 22nd.

#MERICA: Kid Rock has confirmed that he plans to run for Senate in Michigan. He has a website, t-shirts, and everything! Check out kidrockforsenate.com cause it's happening! #merica

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 09:18


MOVIE: Quentin Tarantino is developing a new movie about the Manson murders. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence have been approached so far.

WOW: Clint Eastwood has a new movie called ''The 15:17 to Paris” about the 2015 train attack involving 3 U.S. Armed Forces members. The actual soldiers; Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone will, star as themselves, because Clint was unhappy with the actors who auditioned.

DUNZO: NBC has canceled ''The Biggest Loser.''

MONEY: The Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight on Saturday, August 26th will cost $89.95 on pay-per-view plus $10 more for high definition.

CREEPY: ''Michael Jackson's Halloween'' animated special has been picked up by CBS. It's about two millennials and a dog who venture into a creepy hotel, and it will feature the King of Pop's music and voiceovers by Brad Garrett, Lucy Liu and Jim Parsons.

CHOP CHOP: Harry Styles chopped off his hair for his role in the new movie 'Dunkirk'. Harry said quote, “I assumed when auditioning for a movie based on World War II, I’d probably have to have a trim. It was a little breezy behind the ears, which was nice.''

GAMER: The Weeknd requests that a 100-inch TV be in his dressing room before his concerts so he can relax and play 'Mario Kart' before his set. 

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 09:10

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017

PRESIDENT ROCK: A campaign Committee has officially filed paperwork for Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson to run for President. The organization, 'Run the Rock 2020', filed the necessary paperwork.

AWESOME: Coldplay was doing a show in Dublin over the weekend when Chris Martin noticed a guy crowd surfing in his wheelchair, so he invited him up on stage. The fan busted out his harmonica and showed off his skills in front of 83,000 people. Video on Morning Buzz FB page!

UH-OH: A North Carolina woman is suing Gwen Stefani, claiming she initiated a dangerous stampede at one of her concerts when she invited fans to rush the stage. The victim claims fans trampled her and broke her leg.

CONFIDENT: In honor of Amazon Prime Day, Demi Lovato has released "Sorry Not Sorry," the lead single from her forthcoming sixth studio album. It's a song to the haters. The music video features cameos from Paris Hilton and Wiz Khalifa. It's not meant to be angry...it's meant to exude confidence.

ROLLIN': Floyd Mayweather took a break from training camp to roll across the floor at the Crystal Palace Roller Skating Center in Vegas over the weekend and DOMINATED everyone else on the floor!

DREAMS: Britney Spears wants to perform at the Super Bowl. Well, I want a million dollars. But just like playing the lottery...there's always a chance!

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Monday, 10 July 2017 07:54

MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017

R.I.P. 39 year old actor Nelsan Ellis, known for his role as Lafayette Reynolds on HBO's "True Blood", has died after complications from heart failure. So far no word on the underlying problem that triggered the heart failure. He leaves behind a young son.

OUCH: Jeremy Renner recently fractured both of his arms while filming a stunt for "Avengers: Infinity War."

FUN: Bill Murray and his brothers are opening a Caddyshack-themed golf restaurant in Rosemont, Illinois. They opened one in St Augustine, Florida in 2001. They'll feature Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef.

NEW ROMANCE: Ben Affleck is allegedly dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus.

BABY ON BOARD: James Corden and his wife Julia are expecting their third child later this year.

BEY'S TWINS: Speaking of babies...if you missed it...Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their twins Sir Carter (boy) and Rumi Carter (girl)

MR. BRIGHTSIDE: Prince Harry threw on a baseball hat and guzzled beer with the common folk at a British music festival at Hyde Park in London over the weekend. They were jammin' out to The Killers headlining set. Hey...it's exciting to know the Killers are still together...and performing.

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Friday, 07 July 2017 10:06

FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017

R.I.P: Joan Lee, wife of Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee, died yesterday at age 93. They were married for 69 years. Stan said that when he met Joan, he realized that she was the girl he had been drawing all his life.

BOOK IT: New England Patriots star Tom Brady will release a book in September called "The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance"

WOWZA: A letter that Tupac wrote to Madonna will be auctioned off. In the letter, Tupac admits he ended his relationship with Madonna due to her race. The letter is expected to sell for $100,000 .

YOU GO, GIRL! Ashley Graham is launching a new plus-sized lingerie line called "Purple Rain". Underwear sizes X-3X and bra sizes 36DD to 42G/H. She would also love to model underwear for Victoria's Secret. She says, "Victoria's Secret, call me. I'll walk your runway with confidence, and I'll wear those wings honey.”

CUT! Shawn Mendes wanted to be an actor. He took acting classes, auditioned for Disney, but then he could never remember any of his lines. Well, Justin Bieber doesn't remember the words to his songs...but he's still a singer...

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Thursday, 06 July 2017 09:12


NOT COOL: Dallas Cowboys linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested for aggravated assault at a July 4th fireworks event. He could face up to 40 years in prison.

WOW: Jay Z-'s new 4:44 digital only album has gone platinum in less than a week according to Tidal. Up until this week, it's only been available on tidal streaming service, but this week you'll be able to download the album on Apple Music and iTunes.

SWEET: "Full House" star John Stamos donated a custom drum kit from his July 4th performance with the Beach Boys to a retired Marine Corps serviceman's famil.y

LOSE YOURSELF: Ed Sheeran is in talks to make an '8 Mile'-like film starring himself. Ed says, "I want to have an 8 Mile moment but 8 Mile meets Notting Hill." It'll be a low-budget indie film and I will do the soundtrack.”

AWESOME: James Franco says that he used to pick up women while working at a McDonald's drive thru."I was in acting class, and I would practice different accents in the drive-thru.

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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 09:18


GET WELL SOON: Just days before Adele was scheduled to perform her final 2 shows of her tour at Wembley Stadium, Adele announced that she has temporarily damaged her vocal cords, which forced her to cancel. She went to see her throat doctor and she was advised to cancel her shows. She has been taking steroids and other aids to improve her condition, but it wasn't enough. Adele's fans have offered to sing for her.

HEALING: Tiger Woods claims he has completed rehab following his recent DUI arrest.

IT'S ON: Fox is developing a new singing competition show to compete with ABC's reboot of "American Idol"

TRAPPED: Pink took to Instagram while she was trapped in an elevator with her daughter right before a show, but was rescued in time to make the show.

DUNZO: Ed Sheeran has quit Twitter after receiving nasty comments from online trolls. Sheeran says; "One comment ruins your day. That's why I've come off of it."

WEDDING SINGER: Lady Gaga was the wedding singer at a $10 million Russian wedding. The groom is the son of one of the wealthiest businessmen in Russia.

CLINGER: Niall Horan and Katy Perry were recently guest judging on 'The Voice Australia', when Katy jokingly called him a "stage five clinger." Niall tries to get Katy's number and she says, “I could baby-sit you. I'm like your mom!'"

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