Friday, 04 August 2017 05:18


THAT IS GREAT NEWS: AV Club claims Tina Fey is going to appear on seven episodes of NBC's cable news comedy "Great News." She is one of the show's co-producers.

SCARY: Lollapalooza was evacuated last night in Chicago due to bad weather right after Lorde and Muse started their sets.

THAT WAS QUICK: NBC has renewed the Will & Grace reboot for a second season already. Season one premieres in September.

SORRY GOOP: Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Beyonce is launching her own lifestyle brand. A source tells the magazine; “Beyoncé wants to turn motherhood, home furnishing, fashion, and her unique swagger into an online brand. Bey wants her site to offer more affordable products aimed at a more hip and urban clientele.

CAN UNCLE PHIL STILL TOSS JAZZ? DJ Jazzy Jeff tells The Sun that a 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' reboot may happen.

POSH PURSES: Selena Gomez is coming out with her own Coach bag. The bag is adorned with the following messages .... “To be you is to be strong” and “Love yourself first''I love the messages but usually Coach purses are too expensive to have any money left to put in it!

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Monday, 24 July 2017 09:13

MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017

R.I.P: John Heard, the actor who played Macaulay Culkin's dad in Home Alone, died on Friday at the age of 72. His body was discovered by a hotel housekeeper in California. No foul play is suspected & an autopsy will be performed.

SAD: Thieves recently broke into Hillary Duff's Beverly Hills home where they stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and other items. Hillary was on vacation at the time, with her family in Canada, and was posting pictures on Instagram.

WAXY: Madame Tussauds removed Beyonce's wax statue before touching it up and then returning it to their museum floor. Beyonce's fans complained that the statue's skin tones were too light.

BDAY: Selena Gomez celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday with a low-key bash at a home in LA. filled with the important things in life—cakes (she had not one, but two green birthday cakes), comfy clothes and some loved ones, including her boyfriend The Weeknd!

MORE BDAYS: Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez celebrated their birthdays in Miami on Saturday with a huge party. They downed a double birthday cake with friends and family, while Alex sang ''Sweet Caroline''. And of course, it wouldn't be a party without J-Lo wearing a see through dress.

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SAD: John McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is reviewing his treatment options.

YES! Season 8 of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 22nd.

GOOD ADD: Forest Whitaker is joining the cast of Fox's ''Empire''. He'll play a music icon named Uncle Eddie, who gave Lucious his first radio airplay.

LOL: Lorde recently got stuck on a New York City subway train for 4 hours. She said, "All I could think about was that I had a little oatmeal in my bag and I was like, ‘If anyone finds out, this is going to be like, prized commodity.'

ENDORSEMENT: Monica Lewinsky is praising Jay-Z for addressing his infidelity on his new album "4:44". She says; “He chose a path of candor that will move the conversation forward and help others.”

SICKY: Jennifer Lawrence was at a Broadway theater on Monday to see Olivia Wilde's Broadway show ''1984'' and she bolted from her seat and vomitted in the lobby. The ushers were very helpful.

FAKE: Madame Tussaud's new wax figure of Beyonce looks nothing like her. The statue has blonde hair and extremely light skin tones. One fan Instagrammed ....”Theory: Beyoncé wax figure makers have never seen Beyoncé.”

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Friday, 23 June 2017 09:21

FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017

GOOD NEWS! Beyonce's twins have been released from the hospital. They were able to head home late Tuesday after a week in the hospital. Sources say the newborns are healthy and strong.

RECOVERY: DeMario Jackson has no plans to return to Bachelor in Paradise. He's suffering from anxiety because of allegations he assaulted Corinne Olympios during filming. DeMario hopes to land a job in TV or radio, but he needs time to recover from this scandal.

GETTING SERIOUS: Taylor Swift is looking at buying a London home in order to be closer to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

BATTLE FOR THE BRIDE: Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron are battling for the lead role in The Bride of Frankenstein movie.

EASY MONEY: ''Transformers: The Last Knight" made $15.7 million during its opening night on Wednesday. The film is on track to earn $70 million during its five-day opening period. The film cost $217 million to produce.

STARS: Some of the honorees who will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018 include; Simon Cowell, Ru Paul, the late Steve Irwin, Jack Black, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence, Minnie Mouse, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, Carrie Underwood and Weird Al.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 07:13


MAKE THAT $$: Dave Chappelle will host Rihanna's 3rd annual Diamond Ball, which is a fundraiser for education projects and scholarships around the world. Kendrick Lamar will perform at the event.

GET WELL SOON BABIES: Beyonce and Jay-Z's twins were born prematurely and are currently being treated for jaundice. The twins are undergoing phototherapy treatment which is common among preemies.

LOVE HER: Adele recently visited the firefighters who battled last week's blaze at the Grenfell Tower in Kensington, England. She hugged the firefighters and took pictures during her visit.

ON BROADWAY: A Martha Stewart musical is coming to New York City. ''The Rise and Fall and Rise of Martha Stewart'' will chronicle her life. The musical will debut on August 7th with tickets selling for $35.

TV FOR TI: T.I. will star in a new TV show called ''Atlanta's Most Wanted''. He'll play the son of an infamous crime kingpin, who's recruited to be a part of a new police squad that tackles the roughest criminals.

OH BABY: Kim Kardashian has a condition which makes another pregnancy life-threatening. So Kim and Kanye have found a surrogate so they can have a third child. The surrogate must agree to refrain from smoking, drinking and doing drugs during the pregnancy. No hot tubs or saunas, she can't handle or change cat litter, apply hair dye, drink more than one caffeinated beverage per day or eat raw fish, among other things listed.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017 07:07


THE BEYHIVE IS BUZZING: Rumors are circulating that Beyonce went into labor last night but nothing has been officially confirmed.

HONORING THE CAPED CRUSADER: The Bat Signal will be shown in LA to honor Adam West

LAWYERED UP! After ABC halted production on “Bachelor in Paradise” to investigate an alleged sexual encounter with DeMario Jackson, Corinne Olympios has broken her silence. She said in a statement that she's hired an attorney and added, “As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality.”

CASH ME IN THE ARENA: Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will fight August 26th in Las Vegas. The fight could make $600 million

SMELLS LIKE COMPRESSED WOOD: People magazine claims Ikea is developing their own cologne. The company says they are trying to replicate the smells in their stores. I just hope the bottles are as frustrating to open as their furniture is to assemble.

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