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MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017

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PLAN B: Sadly, Don Rickles passed away before he could record his Mr. Potato Head dialogue for Toy Story 4. No word on who will take over.

SHHHH: Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk recently welcomed a baby into the world, but kept it a secret and are refusing to release details about it.

SAD: Janet Jackson has split from her husband. They have a 3 month old baby together.

NOPE: Mel B. has gotten a court order to prevent her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte from releasing intimate videos of her.

WHY: Sharknado 5 will premiere on the Syfy Network on Sunday, August 6th

NOT THE VOICE: Adam Levine will host a new golf show called Teeing Off With Adam Levine where he'll interview celebrity golfers for Top Golf's digital platforms.

CUSHION: Kim Kardashian is now selling a pool floaty in the shape of her booty. It costs $98.


WHAT THE? Mariah Carey gives her boyfriend $25,000 a month to shower her with gifts.


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BREAKING NEWS: Olivia Munn and, Green Bay Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers have broken up just months after engagement rumors. They started dating in 2014 but have finally decided to call it quits, for an unknown reason. A lot of people blamed Olivia for Aaron's family issues.



GET WELL SOON: Verne 'Mini-Me' Troyer has been hospitalized for alcohol addiction and he plans to check into a rehab facility.

CONGRATS! Tim Tebow hit a home run yesterday in his first official Minor League at bat

OBSESSED: Eva Longoria reveals that she is obsessed with Ed Sheeran. When her husband proposed, he filmed it and the video is set to Ed Sheeran's “Thinking Out Loud.” She says, “I'm just obsessed with him!”

LOLZ: Iggy Azalea says she lost 15 pounds while twerking in her latest music video. Iggy says she never realized how flexible you have to be to do that stuff.

OOH LA LA: Vin Diesel says that he enjoyed kissing Charlize Theron while filming the “Fate of the Furious.” Vin says, “Charlize Theron is not a bad kissing partner to have.” The movie opens next weekend. Yeah, here are worse things that can happen to you.

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WHY? Director Michael Bay reveals that 14 more Transformer movies have been written.

AWESOME: NBC has ordered two additional episodes of Will & Grace. The total order for the reboot has reached 12 episodes.

LOVE: Taylor Swift is working on her new CD in Nashville and plans to release the album this later this year.

GOOD FOR YOU: After years of keeping his private life to himself, 73 year old Barry Manilow has decided to open up about his sexuality and discuss his nearly 40-year romance with his manager husband Garry Kief. They married in 2014, but have been together since 1978. He's a private guy, and Barry said he thought his fans or people in general would be disappointed in him if they knew he was gay. So he just never said anything. Barry was married to his high school sweetheart Susan, whom he says he was in love with but he was not ready for marriage at that point in his life.

FUN: Scottsdale, Arizona teenager Jacob Stoudenmire recently asked Emma Stone to his prom by recreating a song-and-dance scene from LaLa Land. The video is on our Z93 FB page.

WINO: Martha Stewart is launching her own line of wines through the Martha Stewart Wine Company. She is offering monthly and year-long subscriptions. The wines are coming from Spain, California, Italy and France. Six bottles of wine sell for $59.99. Sweet, they have something else to drink on Snoop and Martha's Potluck Dinner party now :)


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STRIKE A POSE: Bill Clinton's nephew, 22 year old Tyler Clinton, has moved to New York City and has signed a deal with IMG modeling agency. IMG also represents Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid.

NEW GIG: Tony Romo is leaving the Dallas Cowboys for a position with CBS Sports. And speaking of football, Amazon.com will be streaming Thursday night NFL football games next season.
OH JEEZ: Bachelor star Corinne Olympios has debuted a new clothing line featuring some of her best Bachelor sayings like, “Make America Corinne Again”, “Dude I Need Sushi”, “I Need A Raquel” and “I Feel Like Napping”.

SO SAD: Shia LaBeouf's new movie Man Down sold 1 ticket at the box office this past weekend. The film opened in one UK theater and was attended by one fan. Variety claims the film may have set a new world record for the poorest opening ever.


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 I CAN SEE CLEARLY: Gwen Stefani is launching her own line of children's eyewear because when shopping with her son for glasses, she saw how limited and boring the choices were. She believes wearing glasses should be a fun and positive experience for everyone, all ages!

CONGRATS: Jesse Eisenberg and his girlfriend Anna are the proud parents of a new baby boy. No name has been revealed

OH NO YOU DIDN'T: Floyd Mayweather exploded on the judges at his daughter's cheerleading competition this past weekend, claiming they cheated his daughter's team out of the title. Floyd was cussing out the officials after his 12-year-old daughter's team finished in 2nd place he even dropping this gem -- "I fund this program!"

3RD TIME'S THE CHARM: Martin Lawrence is getting married for a 3rd time. This time, to his girlfriend Roberta. Roberta's 5-carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring cost $500,000! He's settin' the bar a little high for wife #4...


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PREACH: Pink recently Instagrammed a picture of herself with the caption: ''Would you believe I'm 160 pounds and 5'3"? By 'regular standards' that makes me obese. I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2 but I don't feel obese. The only thing I'm feeling is myself. Stay off that scale ladies!''

CONGRATS! NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick and his wife Kathy are expecting their first child in October.

ADORABLE: Blake Shelton has a deer track arm band tattoo. And Gwen Stefani's 3 sons want to look just like Blake Shelton so they drew on fake tattoos and posted the pic on Instagram. Blake, 10 year old Kingston, 8 year old Zuma, and 3 year old Apollo all have their arms in, showing off their matching tattoos.

GOOD CALL! NBC and Fox have both decided not to reboot American Idol!

RAPPER OR FOOTBALL PLAYER? Aaron Rodgers attended a Final Four party where The Chainsmokers were headlining in Phoenix over the weekend, but between sets the DJ decided to shout out the Packers QB with a "discount double-check" reference. Then the Dj played Tu Pac's "Hit 'Em Up" and Aaron knew every word. We would post the video...but it's kinda naughty.


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HONORS: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will air on HBO April 29th Lenny Kravitz will perform a tribute to Prince. Pharrell, Alicia Keys, & others will perfrom. And Snoop Dogg will induct the late Tupac Shakur.

GOOD TO KNOW: Ed Sheeran says the look-a-like baby Is NOT his. ICYMI, social media has blown up over two year-old Isla Watson from England who looks exactly like Ed Sheeran.

LOLZ: George Clooney says that his wife Amal has forbid him from naming their children Casa and Amigo, after his tequila company Casamigos.

RIDICULOUS: Bachelor star Corinne wants to bring her nanny, Raquel, on Bachelor in Paradise.

OH BOY: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are allegedly talking marriage & she already has a wedding dress picked out. Oh great! Everybody get ready...Justin Bieber's about to lose his mind again...ugh...hide the eggs!


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IT'S ON: NBC and FOX have both submitted bids to bring back American Idol. If NBC gets 'Idol,' it would rotate with "The Voice," and each would air once per a year. NBC & FOX have Ryan Seacrest as the favored host, but either way there would be a new panel of judges. They're aiming for Summer 2018 or mid-season 2019.

SET THE DVR: Jimmy Fallon will host SNL on April 15th. Harry Styles will be the musical guest.

MORE PDA: Producers of The Voice want Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to show more public displays of affection on the show. In fact, part of the reason they invited Gwen back was so their love could blossom on screen. “

NOPE: Will Smith wanted $20 million to star in Disney's live remake of Dumbo. They rejected his salary request.

YES! TLC has announced that “Trading Spaces” is coming back in 2018. The show originally ran from 2000-2008 and started the whole home remodel TV craze. No other details have been released yet. But I have so many questions. Will Paige Davis host again? Will Ty Pennington be back? Will they increase their budget from $1,000 because of inflation? I mean, inquiring minds want to know...


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SURPRISE! During her tour of New Zealand, Adele has been leaving handwritten notes under fans' seats. One example, “I hope you enjoy tonight. These are my last shows on tour because afterwards it's just London and I live there so...anyway...Love Adele.'

BYE: Abby Lee Miller says she is quitting her Lifetime show, Dance Moms. She took to Instagram Sunday night to rant about the show's producers, directors, cast, and how nobody appreciates her. Abby has said this before, so we'll believe it when it's finally over!

CREEPER: Val Kilmer surprised his social media followers over the weekend with a flurry of unsolicited tweets declaring his, uh, very strong feelings for actress, Cate Blanchett. Kilmer started the Cate tweetstorm with a selfie and a recollection of flying across the world in hope of meeting her. Then it got a little creepier when he tweeted, “And recently I've had 2 dreams with Cate Blanchett in them. Her husband wasn't in either of them.”

NOPE: If you've heard that NBC is thinking of rebooting American Idol...that is a possibility. If you've heard that Kanye West might be on it, if it happens, his people say that is not true. He's too busy working on his stand up comedy routine.


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MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017

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MOVIES: Adam Sandler has signed a deal with Netflix to do four more movies for them. And Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will star in a new musical called Wingmen about two pilots, who crash land in Vegas.

WHEW: In case you were wondering, Peyton Manning told TMZ that he has no plans to start a political career.

UP FOR BID: Some of Ed Sheeran's shirts and jackets are being auctioned off on eBay to raise money for a children's charity and hospice.

WHY? Bachelor producers may have cameras follow Nick and Vanessa, for a reality show, when he's done with Dancing with the Stars.

HAPPY BDAY! Elton John turned 70 over the weekend and had a huge party Saturday night in Hollywood. Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga performed. Katy Perry was there. So were Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Lowe, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, James Corden, and more!

NOOOO! Adele was performing in New Zealand when she told fans quote, ''Touring isn't something I'm good at - applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. I don't know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I tour is because of you.” But no...we need her to go on tour again so we can try to buy tickets and get disappointed again when it sells out in 30 seconds...cause that was so fun last time!