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I always put up my Christmas Tree, and most of my Christmas decorations, on November 1st.  Why?  1) I feel like I should wait until Halloween is over, at least.  2) My birthday is December 23rd and I love my birthday!  3) Christmas is my favorite holiday, and everything about this time of year makes me happy. 

Thankfully, my husband supports my need for glitter and Christmas cheer!  We recently moved and we have a bigger house.  3 levels means more room for MORE CHRISTMAS STUFF!  Here are some pictures of the tree on the main level.  I'm still needing to decorate the tree downstairs (that's right...I get TWO Christmas trees now)!  And technically 3 if you count the silver tree decoration ;)  So exciting!  Merry Christmas everyone!

tree 1  tree 2  tree 3  tree 4

I also found this article to be delightful.  As if I needed a reason to decorate for Christmas early....CLICK HERE!


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