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Just in time for Father's Day, a recent study of 1,200 dads has compiled quite the list. Check out the full article HERE

The Top 25 skills modern dads have to master:

  1. Cooking a meal
  2. Providing the best environment for a good education
  3. Guiding them through college / university
  4. Setting up the home wifi and a Netflix account
  5. Building flatpack furniture and painting their first home
  6. Updating a computer and setting up new games consoles
  7. Teaching them about technology and all those different TV wires
  8. Having 'the chat' and giving advice on relationships
  9. Teaching a son how to shave
  10. Firing up the barbeque
  11. Taking part in the night feed
  12. Doing the school run
  13. Untying difficult knots
  14. Telling the kids bad jokes
  15. Taking good family photographs and videos
  16. Replacing a favourite toy when an old one breaks
  17. Playing make believe
  18. Setting up parental controls online and on the television to protect them
  19. Knowing the latest tech releases such as smartphones, apps and gaming
  20. Fronting the deposit for my son or daughter's first home
  21. Knowing the words to songs in the charts
  22. Knowing how to braid hair
  23. Being active on social media and knowing the latest slang
  24. Keeping up with latest fashion trends
  25. Teaching them how to host their own YouTube channel
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