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One Day at a Time...

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Many of you know that I joined NuYou Weight Loss and More in February 2017 to better my life! I needed to take off excess weight and I knew people who had been very successful on their weight loss programs through NuYou. Luckily, I had that same success! In 9 months, I lost 80 pounds and over 80 inches with the help of NuYou's weight loss programs! My life has been changed for the better and I feel fantastic. Since October of 2017 (my wedding month) I've been crushing it. Maintaining the weight loss has been fairly simple and I've been doing well with my calorie adjusting and my maintenance phase of the program. I also became a Lifetime Member at NuYou because it helps to insure my continued success, accountability, guidance, and support. Oh how quickly things can go off the rails...

A few days before my wedding, which was October 14, 2017, my grandma Ida became ill. Up until that point she was a 96 year old woman still living on her own. She was strong and independent and we felt that she was invincible and would live forever. Grandma was so sick she wasn't able to attend my wedding and shortly after, she ended up in the hospital. Then it was back and forth to the nursing home, to the assisted living facility,and to the hospital. She was still doing ok and we were having a lot of great moments with her. This February, things started going down hill quicky and ultimately grandma ended up passing away on May 3rd. As we always knew in our hearts, grandma Ida was not invincible. Throughout these past 3 ½ months it has been particulary difficult and very stressful to watch grandma decline, and then to be with her in the final days of her life was beyond heartbreaking. As we were grieving the loss of grandma, two days after grandma's funeral my uncle Bob passed away (on May 11th) unexpectedly of a heart attack. Nobody could have prepared us for that shock and heart break. It's just not fair. This is when I throw my hands up in the air and I scream, “Really?! Enough is enough already! I can't take any more!” Life went off the rails and it things got rough. The days are still rough, and I have my moments of sadness, but each day gets a little easier.

On May 18th I was very upset to see that the scale was up 8 pounds from where I want it to be and where I feel it should be. I'm not going to lie, all of this stress and heart ache has pulled me away from the determined and structured life I had been building for myself since February of 2017. I have not been eating properly. Sometimes I've skipped meals, especially on those days when I was sitting in the hospital at grandma's bedside. I've made some poor choices depending on my mood and the amount of sadness I'm feeling. I haven't worked out in two months, and my headaches from the brain injury I sustained in January of 2017 have also returned with vengeance. Again...enough is enough. I'm extremely aware of what I'm doing and what needs to change. I'm writing today to let you know...we're all human. The struggle is REAL. Life is full of very big challenges that sometimes pull us down. But my grandma and my uncle were both so proud of me for my weight loss accomplishment and the fact that I was more healthy. I know that I need to get back on track. I will do it for them, but most importantly...I will do it for the whole reason I did this in the first place. I will do it for me and for my husband. So we can have a long and healthy life together. Because I know NuYou's Weight Loss Program like the back of my hand and because I know I have their support and I believe in this program, I'm happy to report that as of today (5/24) I'm already down 2 pounds! One day at a time...



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