BABY ON BOARD...PART 2: As we confirmed yesterday, Megan Fox is pregnant with her 3rd child...and now we know the father is her estranged husband Brian Austin Green. But Megan says...she has no plans to drop her divorce. The pregnancy wasn't planned. Clearly they liked each other long enough to create a baby!

CONGRATS: Lindsay Lohan reportedly got engaged over the weekend to 22 year old Egor Tarabasov and she showed off the huge rock while hanging with BOTH of her the same setting. Michael and Dina Lohan were seen with Lindsay and her fiance at a Duran Duran concert in Brooklyn. That must be a magic ring to bring those two together peacefully!


HOW DID HE DO THAT? Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz made the impossible happen -- getting his Porsche unhooked from a tow truck and driving away! If you've been in that predicament, you know that rarely ends well for the car owner. Yet, Pete somehow convinced them to unhook the car. Either the tow truck driver's a huge FOB fan, or Pete Wentz is just that charming.

RAIN IN THE FORECAST: 50 Cent may want to rethink his strategy for convincing the bankruptcy judge he's gonna pay off his creditors, because dropping tons of money at a strip club tends to shake judicial confidence!

There was rain in the forecast, to the tune of $5,000.