Tuesday, 13 September 2016 10:37

GET WELL SOON: Sharon Osbourne stunned the world yesterday when she revealed that she had a psychiatric breakdown in May 2015 that landed her in Cedars Sinai hospital and for three days. Sharon said, “My brain just shut down on me.” She wants to use her experience to help others who are struggling.

CAUTION: Disney is being sued again. A Pennsylvania man claims his right hand is now partially paralyzed, because he was bit by a venomous snake at one of their Orlando resort pools in 2013.

SWEET: Britney Spears threw a Pokemon-themed birthday party for her sons. They downed Pikachu treats and cakes.

POPULAR: This year for Halloween, you'll see a lot of Donald Trump and Poop Emoji costumes. They are two of this year's hottest Halloween costume sellers.

INTERESTING: Drew from The Chainsmokers says that he and his band mate promised themselves when they had another hit they would rent a boat. It took two years...but it happened and they rented a pirate ship.

BACON: The Brattleboro, Vermont Chamber of Commerce has launched a new campaign to get Kevin Bacon to attend their 3rd annual Baconfest. The fest will end with the screening of Footloose. Kevin declined the invite.


Monday, 12 September 2016 09:14

R.I.P. David and Patricia Arquette's sister Alexis died yesterday at age 47. Alexis was originally born Robert Arquette, but had been working as an actress since age 12. She starred in Bride of Chucky, The Wedding Singer and Of Mice and Men.

WHO KNEW: Prince recorded an album as a woman in 1986. The album, titled ''Camille'', is going to be auctioned off. It was never released because its debut was canceled just weeks before.

TV TALK: LeBron James has sold a new show to NBC about a sports doctor, who treats the world's greatest athletes. And ABC has canceled Mistresses.

CONGRATS: Sia celebrated her sobriety yesterday with a tweet that read: ''6 years sober today. Thank you to all those who have contributed knowingly and unknowingly. I love you, keep going.''

TRIBUTE: A Tupac-themed restaurant is opening in Fresno, California to mark the 20th anniversary of his death. Menu items will include a California Love Chicken Sandwich, Hennessy Apple Butter chicken wings, and Thug Passion cake pops. Tupac sketched out plans for the restaurant before he died

SMART: Adele hired a doctor to quarantine sick crew members. The doctor goes once a week and checks everyone out. If they're sick, they are quarantined.

LONG SHOT: A fan recently tweeted Katy Perry and asked her what it would take for her to collaborate with Taylor Swift. She tweeted: ''if she says sorry, sure!''

WOW: Drake is giving Rihanna the passcode to his phone to show her that he’s not hiding anything and to gain her trust.

$$$: Gwyneth Paltrow is launching a new clothing line called Goop. She will release a few pieces each month.Her first blazer will sell for $695 while her wide leg pants will sell for $325. Gwyneth's button-down jean shirt will sell for $195. Maybe I could see how much the socks cost...or maybe just one sock...


Thursday, 08 September 2016 08:04

 PUNISHED: The US Olympic Committee has suspended Ryan Lochte for 10 months for his Rio robbery scandal.

OUCH: Delta's 5 hour computer outage on August 8th that caused 1,000 flights to be canceled, cost the airline $150 million!

OOH: The flesh-colored, beaded gown that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to President John F Kennedy is being auctioned off, and is expected to sell for $3 million.

SAD: Thieves in Phoenix stole $3 million worth of jewelry from Drake's tour bus on Tuesday. Cops arrested a 21 yr old man after identifying him on surveillance footage and the jewelry has been returned.

WOW: Beyonce and Jay-Z recently upgraded their $40 million dollar private jet.

NICE: Shia LaBeouf revealed that his friends convinced him to get two Missy Elliott tattoos on his knees. Shia says, "I don't love Missy Elliott, but you're in a tattoo parlor with your buddies and...peer pressure.''

DIVA: Vanilla Ice is apparently acting like a diva on the set of Dancing With the Stars. One source says, “he's acting like he still thinks he's the world's biggest star.” Awe, It's cute that he EVER thought was the world's biggest star...


Wednesday, 07 September 2016 08:43

HEADED TO COURT: Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial will begin on June 5th, 2017 . Prosecutors hope to call 13 of his victims to the stand to testify against him. Cosby still claims he is innocent.

DUNZO: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have broken up after three months of dating. One source says, "Taylor felt he was too public with their relationship.” Tom is hoping they'll reconcile.

ROMANCE: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's trip to the grocery store this past weekend may have been a date. Stay tuned...

SAD: Zayn has canceled his Dubai show because has been struggling with extreme anxiety of performing solo live. He's working on it, but he feels he is not ready to perform.

TV TALK: Melissa McCarthy is developing a new comedy for Fox about an adult brother and sister, who have to live under the same roof with her two children.

OOH LA LA: Playgirl wants Ryan Lochte for a photo shoot. Playgirl said quote, “What he did in Rio was stupid, so we’d even offer to donate his fee to a Brazilian charity of his choice!”

RUMOR HAS IT: Oprah is not marrying her long time boyfriend, Stedman. She Tweeted: "6 people who know me well have called today congratulating me on my wedding. IT' s NOT TRUE!" Finally, people are talking about something other than the fact that she lost weight and still ate bread!


Tuesday, 06 September 2016 15:07

GET WELL SOON: Chevy Chase has checked into rehab for what he calls a 'tune-up'. He went to Betty Ford in the 80's.

JOB JUMPER: The Atlanta Braves may sign Tim Tebow to a minor league baseball contract.

NOT COOL: Serena Williams and her friends racked up a $400 bill at a steakhouse in Harlem, New York. The owner was a fan, so they got the meal for free. And they didn't leave a tip.

BABY ON BOARD: Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa are expecting their third child together.

NOOOO: Eva Longoria's Lifetime show Devious Maids has been canceled after four seasons.

OH BABY: Michael Phelps' 5 month-old son Boomer already has 672,000 Instagram followers.

ONE SMART IDEA: Kanye West's tour rider requests his backstage area have two slushie machines filled with Hennessy and Coke and Grey Goose and lemonade. That might be the only time I've ever wanted to hang out with him.


Friday, 02 September 2016 07:15

 HOW IS THIS NOT ON LIFETIME? A drama series based on the life of Judge Judy is in the works at CBS.

NO CASH FOR YOU! A New York State court Thursday dismissed a lawsuit where Lindsay Lohan accused the video game “Grand Theft Auto” of basing a character on her without her permission.

APPARENTLY THERE WILL BE MORE DRAMA: Mary J. Blige has signed on to guest star on Season 3 of ABC’s hit crime drama, “How to Get Away with Murder.” Season 3 starting September 22nd on ABC.

EMBARRASSING: Reports say that Justin Bieber’s credit card was declined at a Subway sandwich shop in Hollywood but a fan stepped in and paid for Bieber’s meal

GREAT IDEA! TMZ claims Rihanna recently got a shark tattoo on her ankle. The inking symbolizes her recent aquarium date with Drake. I assume her next tat will be #noregrets I just hope they spell it correctly...