RICH PEOPLE MALARKEY: Elite Daily claims this year's Grammys gift bag includes an $8,850 spa trip, a butt pad that fights cellulite, a hula hoop exercise program, a lampshade, a CPR kit, pizza, Crayons, chocolate, two hours of free DJ service and a mister

TOO SOON? E! News claims NBC is in talks to bring back American Idol. They would shorten The Voice from two seasons to one per year.

IT'S OFFICIAL! After lots of rumors, George and Amal Clooney confirmed yesterday that they are expecting twins.

SWEET PARTY: Lady Gaga tells Beats 1 Radio that her Grammy collaboration with Metallica started at Bradley Cooper's house with a conversation with Lars Ulrich. ''I was at Bradley Cooper's house with Lars Ulrich, and we were just, like, hanging out I've seen them live recently, and we were watching the how and I'll tell you something, those guys play better than they've ever played in their whole lives.''

PLENTY OF TIME TO PLAN A NICE WINTER MEAL: Martha Stewart got stuck in yesterday's Nor'easter as she was plowing roads near her farm. She Instagrammed a picture of herself: