AWESOME: Kelly Clarkson was asked to judge American Idol when it reboots next year, but she has signed on to coach season 14 of the Voice instead. The Voice also picked up Jennifer Hudson to coach season 13. Simon Cowell was also asked to return to Idol, but he said no. “My memories are when we first started with the original cast. You can’t recreate that.”

OOPS: Harry Styles was performing in New York when he tried to stage dive. The crowd was either not ready or simply couldn’t hold him up, and he quickly hit the floor. After a few seconds of chaos, thankfully everyone was fine and nobody was hurt!

CONGRATS: Supermodel Kate Upton says she has no plans to diet before her wedding to Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. She doesn't weigh herself because she says, what really matters is how good she feels.

DUNZO: : Vanilla Ice & his wife of 20 years, Laura Van Winkle, are divorcing. They have 2 kids together. They've been living apart since 2011. Laura filed for a divorce last year, and Vanilla is finally accepting.

NO MORE FREE UNDIES: Justin Bieber no longer gets free underwear from Calvin Klein because his endorsement deal ended in December. And, now he has to learn how to do laundry.