GET WELL SOON: Elton John is canceling shows as he recovers from a deadly bacterial infection that he picked up in South America. He was admitted to the hospital, spent two nights in ICU, followed by an extended stay in hospital, and is now recovering at home.

DUNZO: Jesse Williams, who plays Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy, has split from his wife of 5 years. Jesse is requesting joint physical and legal custody of their two children. So ladies...there's a chance...

GLAM SQUAD: Alex Rodriguez spends more time in the mirror than Jennifer Lopez. He has more pictures of himself around his home than anyone else in Hollywood. He even has a portrait of himself over his bed.

ACTION HERO: Tom Hardy recently chased a moped thief through the streets of London. Tom tackled the crook before cops arrived. A witness said Tom switched in to superhero mode. It was like an action movie.

OOPS: The Chainsmokers played a sold-out show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the end of the show, a sign dropped that read "Thank You Pittsburg'', but Pittsburgh was misspelled and was missing an 'H' on the end.