CONGRATS: Ronda Rousey has gotten engaged to her boyfriend UFC fighter Travis Browne. He proposed under a New Zealand waterfall last week.

DADDY: Alexis Adams is suing Flo Rida for not paying child support for their 7 month-old son Zohar Paxton. A paternity test showed that there is a 99.99%t chance that the child is Flo Rida's and the child has medical issues.

WOW: Time Magazine has named Ed Sheeran one of their most 100 influential people.

LOLZ: After Katy Perry broke up with Orlando Bloom, John Mayer sent her 100 roses and a card that read “I’m here for you.” A source says Katy had her assistant donate the flowers to a nursing home because she doesn't want anything from him.
Fox has ordered 10 new episodes of The X-Files starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The shows will air during the 2017-2018 TV season.

GIFT OF MARIAH: Mariah Carey recently gifted her manager Stella with a $34,000 Louis Vuitton trunk. Mariah wheeled it out of the back room while a waitresses followed behind her carrying sparklers and Champagne. But...did Mariah Sing when she brought out the trunk? Because that's the real gift...