STRANGE: Robert Downey Jr. will star in a new Doctor Dolittle film. He is taking over the franchise from Eddie Murphy.

WHY?! Drake has gotten a tattoo of a bottle of Drakkar cologne on his shoulder.

CONGRATS! Walking Dead star Steven Yeun (Yunn) and his wife Joanna are the proud parents of a new baby boy. Steven played Glen on the show.

WORK: JJ Abrams is planning to produce a new show about RuPaul. It will chronicle his younger years and rise to fame.

CHANCES: Justin Bieber did a backwards bungee jump yesterday in New Zealand and recently got a giant bald eagle tattooed on his stomach.

YES, THIS IS HAPPENING: Mariah Carey's holiday song “All I Want For Christmas” is being turned into an animated film.

TRUE LOVE?: Chris Brown wants to go to therapy with Rihanna because he believes she is the one, but neither of them are ready. Chris knows he needs some serious emotional help if he wants to make things truly work with Rihanna.

EASY COMEDY: Kanye West has been working on jokes so he can become a stand up comedian. Kanye plans to turn up, unannounced, at a few clubs and do open mic night to practice his material. Wait, hasn't he been doing a comedy routine for the past 5 years?