Alex Bruley is an 11th grader attending Central High School. Alex competes in Cross Country and Soccer. Some how she does this all while maintaining an outstanding 4.0 GPA, even throughout all of her honors and advanced courses. She has qualified for State Cross Country on numerous occasions and is a tremendous example of leadership, hard work, and determination. On top of that, she is a member of Robed Choir, Wind Ensemble Band, National Honors Society, Student Council, and so many more activities!

Katelyn Kleiboer is an 8th grader at Mabel-Canton and is in her 2nd year of cheerleading. She is a captain this year and she cheers for football and both boys and girls basketball on her Varsity Cheer squad, as well as working hard with her Competitive Cheer Squad (Glitter Athletics) as a base and a flyer. She is a talented athlete that has an energetic personality, and she sets a good example as a role model for younger girls. Katelyn has qualified and was an All American Nominee two years in a row at NCA Camp and is working hard each year to make the NCA All American Team. She loves to dance and perform, Cheerleading is a daily part of her life. She would love to be in the Macy's Day Parade in New York with the All American team someday. (Cheer Goals!)
Katelyn is also very active in many other clubs and activities as well. She was a main character in the 3 Act play in November, and plans to participate in the Spring Production.  She is also on the Yearbook Staff (also 2nd year for this and for Play) as Editor and is active in Luther League and went on a Mission trip with her church this past June. She is in 4H and will be showing horses at the fair in July as well as completing many other projects and doing volunteer work at the local Humane Society. 
She is in Band and Choir--loves to play her saxophone and sang in the choir recently for the Veteran's Day program. Someday she hopes to either be a Band or History teacher, she has had great role models in her life in these positions, and she strives to live up to those standards. 
Yes--Katelyn is my daughter, and so she gets her coach to be extra hard on her here at school, and at home. She doesn't just take her cheer shoes off at the door, she is always thinking about new things to try and how to make a stunt better/safer.  She loves the sideline cheer as well as competitive cheer and works hard to make others see it as a sport. She is a well rounded athlete that can move from one position to the other (Flyer/base/tumbler). 
Katie is also a good student. She made the "90 Club" this year, maintains a high B Average, and is consistently on the honor roll. I think she is always harder on herself than she needs to be, but she is a perfectionist and strives to work hard and try hard. She makes me very proud. 




April Haakenson is an 8th Grader at De Soto High School. She's a hard-working, dedicated 13 year old with a grade point average above 3.5.

April is involved in volleyball , basketball, and softball. She helps on the farm and raising her own 4-H Cattle to show at the Vernon county fair as well as the Retreat church functions.


Nick is a freshman at Prairie High School in Prairie du Chien.  He is an honor student and he excels in the class room and in sports.  Nick plays freshman basketball and football.  Plus, he's in jazz/pep band.  He wrote an essay to the President, as part of a school project, and was selected in 8th grade to take a trip to Washington DC, with four peers, and participated in a ceremony for the unknown soldier.  Nick is also involved in Boy Scouts. 

Taylor is a very hard working student, and passionate about everything
she does.
She currently Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen. Taylor has been a
part of Misty's Dance Unlimited Performance
Company, since she was 6 years



Skyla Greathouse is a student at Tomah High School.  She gets straight A's and works very hard in the classroom.  Skyla loves ice skating and horse back riding!


Cashton is 11 years old, and in 5th grade at Coulee Montessori.  Cashton has been playing flag football for the last 5 years, and was the quarterback this last year.  He also participates in Karate (he is a red belt now), log rolling, and tennis.  He is in honors Math and Language Arts.  Cashton has volunteered for Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, and raised over $300 doing the Polar Plunge (raising money for Special Olympics).  Cashton has a great sense of humor and a kind heart.

Kaitlyn is a senior at Virouqa High School.  She plays volleyball and softball.  Kaitlyn finished her volleyball season, as the Captain, with 1st team all conference, defensive specialist, and offensive specialist awards.  She has been involved in many activities such as National Honors Society, Student Council, 4H, has been named student of the month several times, and most recently named Rotary Senior.  Kaitlyn has a great personality and is a good role model to others.