It’s hard to believe that another show has come and gone for the comedy troupe I’m in, Heart of La Crosse. Earlier this month we did an improv show based on a rock band reuniting. It was all made up as the night went along and it was different every night! The audience decided our character's roles in the band and interacted with the show the whole night. We're the only fully interactive comedy troupe in La Crosse and I'm so proud to be a part of the group! The cast for this show was myself, Lisa Olson, Brad Williams (part of the station's news team), Todd Olson, Travis Michaels, Jonanthon Lamb, and Taylor Gruszka. 

For those of you that attended, I can’t thank you enough. If you missed it, we will do more shows, don’t worry! We'll be involved with Artspire at the Pump House in June, a community arts event sponsored in part by Mid-West Family Broadcasting. We also do 3 weekends in September at the Pump House that is mostly sketch comedy. There’s singing parodies, videos, sketches, and even a little dancing.

I’ve been in Heart of La Crosse for a decade now and it’s lots of fun. I like knowing that we can make someone’s day just a little bit better for the few hours they are laughing at our show. We write all of our own material for our sketch show and most of our troupe has been together a long time so we have built so much trust in each other. We all bring different skills and personality to the group so there’s a very unique blend of talent to put on an entertaining night of fun! We also do improv for private parties, which another interesting way we perform. Companies frequently hire us for their holiday events and it’s a blast to interact with different people for each show.

This year we started a ridiculously fun podcast that is in the style of an old radio play. It’s Called Mills Glen and it's about small town in the upper midwest. You can listen to it HERE.

We'll see ya again real soon!

Much love, 


Photo by Erik Daily:

Photo by Bruce DeFries: