Every Thursday at 10P, we're giving you a taste of the local music scene. From local bands to producers and singer song-writers, we'll feature a different local talent each week.. You'll hear how they started, what they're working on and where you can hear them live!

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Featured artist for 1/26/17

Aside from the alliteration in the title, there's another solid lineup of music coming to the Popcorn Tavern! THIS Saturday, you'll be able to catch Misgenre Mixtape and Midwest Voltage LIVE! Yes, there will be free beer, but that also means you should probably be 21 or older. Unless...well.. anyway. Check out a track from each artist during this week's Local Love (1/26) segment.


Find em on Facebook:

Misgenre Mixtape

Midwest Voltage

Also check out the event page here!

Featured artist for 1/12/17

Former Local Love alumni are always welcome! That's exactly what we've got going on with Matt Haupert. Shout out to the Aquinas graduating class of 2009! Why? Well, that's when Matt graduated. After living in La Crosse for a good chunk of his life, Haupert moved to San Fransisco Bay. . .which is where he now resides. Matt Haupert recently released his debut solo EP titled "Walker Ave". Tune in to this week's Local Love to get a taste of what the EP has to offer!


Check out more of Matt Hauper's music at his website matthaupert.com/listen

Featured artist for 1/5/17

As we swing back in to another new year, there's plenty of great NEW Local music to look forward to! To kick off 2017, I'll be spinning a couple tracks from local artist, Mista Ak. You may have heard him on Local Love back when Ballzer hosted the segment, but now he's back with some new music!

Mister Ak has performed all over Wisconsin and has even shown his talent in Texas. Tune in to this week's edition of Local Love to catch Mista Ak's tracks "Call On Me" and "You Made Me"


Check out more tracks from Mista Ak at Reverbnation.com

Featured artist for 12/22/16

Originally from Kissammee, Florida, Brandon Adams a.k.a. "1NE Hunnded" made La Crosse his home 4 years ago. With that, added more flavor to the Hip Hop scene of the La Crosse area.

"Music has always been my passion and my mission is to change the world and spread a light on all the negativity that has been going on around the world." - 1ne Hunnded

Check out 1NE Hunnded's track "Fly Away" this week on Local Love!

Also follow 1NE Hunnded on

Istagram @ 1ne_hunnded and Snapchat @ biggybaby69

Featured artist for 11/17/16

I've grouped together a "home-grown" theme for this week's Local Love. I'm talking about people who sat down with a mic and a good recording program and were able to create music that came from the soul right in the warmth (or cold, if they prefer) of their home! One of this week's Local Love artists goes by the name of Aaron Burke..ok, well, it's his real name, but still. He's native to the La Crosse area. I'll spin his track "Day By Day" for Local Love this week.

The other artist was featured almost a year ago, already! Remember Dan Tedesco? Out of Des Moines, Iowa, tune in for this week's Local Love to hear Tedesco's home-grown track, The Outlier.