Every Thursday at 10P, we're giving you a taste of the local music scene. From local bands to producers and singer song-writers, we'll feature a different local talent each week.. You'll hear how they started, what they're working on and where you can hear them live!

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Featured artist for 9/17/2015

From Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bae Tigre uses classical influences and combines them with electro to bring together a dynamic soundscape. Lead vocalist/songwriter/producer Ranelle Johnson channeled her inner dialog and conflict to lead to the creation of "Memoir of A Happy Drifting Chemical"... Bae Tigre's first album released (online) in mid-2014. A second album, "Perennial Bygones", was released a year later in June 2015. Check out both albums at baetigre.bandcamp.com. It's pretty awesome to see how much the La Crosse music scene has grown over the years... along with the variety of genres that have begun to expand into the area. Catch Bae Tigre LIVE at The Cavalier Theater this Friday (9/18)!

Featured artist for 9/10/2015

La Crosse Punk Rock does not get more authentic that the sound of The Sweet Nothings. Since their formation in 1999, the band has survived several lineup changes and an extended hiatus to provide La Crosse and surrounding regions with sweet Pop-Punk Rock for over a decade! The band released their debut EP, "Lust for Fun" in 2002 through Cornbelt Records and Plain Records. Since then, The Sweet Nothings have contributed to 95.7 The Rock's Local Lix: Volume 1 in 2003, and in 2005 the band self-released it's debut full-length album "Broken Chords and Bleeding Hearts". Aside from introducing new music to the scene, The Sweet Nothing have shared the stage with some of today's biggest names in the world of Pop-Punk Rock... including: Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects, Brand New and Motion City Sountrack (to name a few). They'll be adding one more name to that list very soon. Check out more music from The Sweet Nothings at their website, thesweetnothings.bandcamp.com. You'll also be able to see them LIVE this Thursday (9/10) at The Warehouse as they open for The Ataris!! Listen all week long for details on this show, and be sure to tune in to Local Love to hear The Sweet Nothings' track, "Worth the Pain".

Featured artist for 9/3/2015

Ya like Punk Rock? How about Punk Rock with a slight "twang" to it? When you put the two together, you get the sound of Minneapolis band, "The Right Here". They've been producing Punk Rock/Rowdy-Twang Rock since 2010. In the past five years, The Right Here have released an LP and several singles.. one being "If This Isn't My Land", which you can catch on Local Love this Thursday Night. You'll also be able to see The Right Here LIVE Thursday, September 10th at The Warehouse as they'll be opening for The Ataris; a show that you WON'T wanna miss!! For music, concert dates and to learn more about The Right Here check them out on Facebook and at their website: therighthere.com.


Featured artist for 8/27/15

As many bands do when they feel they "need a break", I've gone on hiatus! Not really, I'll actually be out this Thursday (27th). With that being said, there will be no Local Love feature this week. However, I must say. . .it's been fantastic hearing feedback from both bands and listeners on how unique it is to hear local music on such a big signal! Of course, Local Love would not exist if it weren't for you. So, thank you! Local Love will kick back into gear next week. If you haven't heard, The Ataris will be playing at The Warehouse on September 10th! So starting next week, I'll have music from The Sweet Nothings followed by music from The Right Here (both opening for The Ataris).... And as usual, if you're a musician or know musicians in the area, have them contact me at JJ at Z933 dot com (program wouldn't let me put out actual address to protect me from spam bots) so we can get more local music over the airwaves! Once again, thank you so much for your continued support for local music, and let's continue to keep the local music scene alive! - JJ

Featured artist for 8/20/15

"Competitive cake eating, rhythmic ribbon dancing, kool-aid bursts, attending pinewood derbies in which none of us are a part of, and bird watching" are just a couple hobbies the guys from Borders enjoy partaking in (taken from "Band Interests" via Borders' Facebook page). As far as their music goes, it's just as great as their sense of humor. Sparking from a friendship that was formed in 2004, all the history that occurred afterwards led to the official "birth" of Borders almost a decade later in 2013. From battling lineup changes to winning the La Crosse Interstate Fair's Battle of the Bands (2014) and to playing all over the Midwest, it's safe to say that Borders has earned the title to be one of La Crosse's top Alternative-Rock bands. Blink-182, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Used and Taking Back Sunday are a few bands that have influenced Borders in their writing over the years. With the combination of driving vocals, melodic guitar riffs and moving bass lines, the energy and stage presence of Borders is almost unmatched...they really know how to put on a show! You'll be able to find their EP "Ordinary Folks" along with their single "Ghost Planet" at bordersbandwi.bandcamp.com. You can also catch them live this Saturday at Overtime Sports Bar. Tune in this Thursday night to hear their track "Passengers" on Local Love!