Every Thursday at 10P, we're giving you a taste of the local music scene. From local bands to producers and singer song-writers, we'll feature a different local talent each week.. You'll hear how they started, what they're working on and where you can hear them live!

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Featured artist for 10/22/2015

If you wanna talk about a fun group with a great sense of humor, you might as well be talking about The Weathered Heads...oh, and they make great music too! The Weathered Heads reign from Winona, MN. The group itself was formed in mid 2012. Since then, the band has gained a lot of attention.. Playing at venues around the region.. even at some summer festivals and has gained over 1,000 fans on Facebook. From the soothing vocals to the bass and drums .. and even to the saxophone. .. Oh yeah, there's a saxophone player in this band! It adds a little sexiness to the rock, pop, jazz, jam influenced band! Check out The Weathered Heads at The Root Note this Friday night (10/23).. and if you can't make it.. well, you're missing out. BUT you can find their music at their website www.theweatheredheads.com/theband. I'll be chatting with a couple members of the band this Thursday night on Local Love.. you'll also be able to hear their latest single, Lose Control, so be sure to tune in at 10 PM!

Featured artist for 10/15/2015

Are you ready to feel the bass drop? Antics is an EDM duo out of Milwaukee, WI. Over the past two years, the duo has been making an impact on the Midwestern music scene.. .both through the production of EDM and through the ever-growing number of fans. Antics has been the supporting act of numerous big names...like, well.. Krewella, Kaskade, Dillion Francis and even Steve Aoki.. Just to name a few! Last summer, Antics took the stage at Summer Set, Kingdom Hearts, Infrasound and even headlined their first Midwest University Tour. This Saturday (17th) you'll be able to see Antics LIVE in La Crosse at the Cavalier Theater! Learn more and check out music from Antics at www.yourantics.com and tune in to Local Love this Thursday (15th) to hear their new single "Catalyst".

Featured artist for 10/8/2015

Local to La Crosse, Mario Street holds quite the story. I could paraphrase... but I think it'd be more effective if you read his story from the man himself. It's one of those cases where less words from me is more. Tune in to Local Love this Thursday as I sit down and chat with Mario Street about his latest single and upcoming album. What? Yes, OF COURSE I'll be playing his new single! How could I not?? Check out music from Mario Street and see his full story HERE.

Featured artist for 10/1/2015

Who says you can't have a solo artist open for rock bands? Dan Tedesco, from Des Moines, IA, may be a solo performer, but the size and sound of the music he produces while on stage would make you think it were more than Dan himself! Whether behind a piano, electric guitar or acoustic guitar, Dan's minimal stage production allows his stage presence to really make an impact. His music can be described as a combination of Folk Rock, Americana and Alt-Country. Add a little foot stomping percussion...before you know it, you're engulfed in the music of Dan Tedesco. Dan released his first full-length album, "Death In The Valley", in February of 2014. On October 6th (2015), he will be releasing a new self-titled album. Find his music at his website, www.dantedesco.com. You'll be able to catch Dan Tedesco LIVE at The Warehouse, Wednesday October 7th (2015). .. Don't forget to tune in to Local Love this Thursday (10/1) to hear a track from Dan Tedesco!

Featured artist for 9/24/2015

Milk N Cooks is a Pop/EDM duo from Palatine, IL. They describe themselves as "twin brothers leading the Post-Bros House movement"...they definitely add a new dimension to the sound of EDM. The two brothers have been creating EDM music together since 2009, and have racked up over 65,000 followers on Facebook alone!! They've performed at hundreds of venues across the country and have even made appearances at some of the summer's grander music festivals.. like... Summer Set and Summer Camp 2015 (to name only a couple...literally). Seriously tho... You gotta check out their mixes/sets (original and remixes) at soundcloud.com/milkncooks/tracks. While you're there, be sure to check out their new single "Closer". "Closer" was released through their own independent label, Kitchin Records. But why stop there? They'll be making their way through La Crosse THIS Saturday!! (9/26) See them LIVE at The Cavalier Theater & Lounge this Saturday night. You'll want to be sure to tune in to Local Love this Thursday (9/24) for an exclusive interview with Milk N Cooks along with hearing their latest single!