Every Thursday at 10P, we're giving you a taste of the local music scene. From local bands to producers and singer song-writers, we'll feature a different local talent each week.. You'll hear how they started, what they're working on and where you can hear them live!

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Featured artist for 5/5/16

I'll have more new music heading your way next week! This week we're throwing it back to a couple of Hip Hop/R&B artists we've featured on Local Love in the past. Tune in Thursday night (5/5) for some great music from D-Whip and The Rocker Devine!


Featured artist for 4/14/16

You may have heard of Nick Maas, formerly of Neon. In fact, we've had him and Neon on Local Love before! This time he's back under a new alias: Cabin Essence, which is his new solo project. Much of Nick's work has been inspired and influenced by, to name a few, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Who and The Beach Boys. While listening to Cabin Essence, you're almost taken back with the smooth vibes and the feel of 60s rock. It's almost as if you had dropped a needle on a record before hitting play. Check out Cabin Essence LIVE this Saturday (4/16) at The Warehouse or check them out via social media!




Featured artist for 3/31/16

The Weathered Heads are returning to La Crosse! Based out of Winona, MN, the Weathered Heads provide a groove-rock that'll wanna make you dance along with them. Paired with their great sense of humor, every show is bound to have you leaving wanting to hear more from them. You can catch The Weathered Heads LIVE at The Cavalier Theater on Saturday, April 9th! FYI.. it will be an ALL-AGES show, so bring the youngin's! Tune in this Thursday night (3/31) to catch a live interview along with a couple tracks from The Weathered Heads.


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and at www.theweatheredheads.com/theband

Featured artist for 3/3/16

Shawn Bohannon, otherwise known as The Rocker Devine, is a retired Marine who now keeps his hard core status through his lyrics. The Rocker Devine delivers his messages and stories of real life through Hip Hop. Although the beats and lyrics may sound intense, as the story behind them is, you'll notice that The Rocker Devine diverts from using the vulgarity that many hardcore rap artists use.

Tune in for Local Love (3.3.16) to hear more about The Rocker Devine, or visit his website here

Featured artist for 2/25/16

Rock and Roll lives on through Tragic Americans! Formed in 2013 and based out of Holmen, WI, these guys take Rock and Roll, blend in a little blues and cross it with some Southern Rock soul. They've made their rounds performing at a number of venues, clubs and festivals. In 2015, Tragic Americans released their debut EP "Come On In". Check out music from Tragic Americans here.

See them LIVE this Saturday (2/27) at the Eagle's Club in downtown La Crosse. They'll be performing to help raise funds for the Myrick Park project, along with battling for first place in the Myrick Park Battle of the Bands. Doors open at 5 and music begins at 6.

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