Every Thursday at 10P, we're giving you a taste of the local music scene. From local bands to producers and singer song-writers, we'll feature a different local talent each week.. You'll hear how they started, what they're working on and where you can hear them live!

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Featured artist for 9/1/16

Originally from Steven's Point, WI, Will Hibbits has resided in La Crosse for the past few years. He's a self-taught musician that writes and performs Indie-Acoustic songs as a solo artist. Will's music is greatly influenced by the music of Frank Hamilton, Adam Barnes, Gabrielle Aplin and many more. . .Including the Icarus Account. You'll be able to catch Will Hibbits LIVE Monday night (8/5) as he opens for the Icarus Account at The Warehouse! Doors open at 6:30PM. Tune into Local Love (9/1/16 @ 10PM) for a LIVE acoustic song from Will Hibbits!


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Featured artist for 9/1/16

Midwest Voltage will be back in the Z93 studio (9/1) and on the stage (9/2/16)! Get ready for great rock expressed through melodic guitar riffs and instrumentals. If you're looking for a good band to rock with, Midwest Voltage is your go-to. Catch them LIVE at The Rootnote tomorrow night (9/2/16) beginning at 9PM. All ages are welcome!


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Featured artist for 8/4/16


Just a note for all Local Love artists and loyal Local Love supporters: I will be on vacation for part of this week into next. I'll be gone from Wednesday (8/10) thru Monday (8/15). With that being said, there will be no Local Love this Thursday night (8/11). Be sure to keep it tuned to Z with Bailey!

Featured artist for 8/4/16

My theory is that if you've lived in La Crosse, written/created music and brought that music to life in La Crosse, then moved away to share your masterpiece(s) with the rest of the world. . .You're considered an alumni for Local Love. Nick Shattuck is a prime example of what I'm talking about. Originating from La Crosse many years ago, Nick now resides in L.A. and continues to create tracks you wouldn't expect to come from someone from such a small city. Nick's music is comparable to Flume, Bishop Briggs and Louis the Child.. his voice is very soulful, and almost personally reminds me of Passenger. Nick recently partnered with producer, J. Roosevelt. Together, they took one of Nick's originals and really brought it to life with a really subtle EDM feel. Be sure to check out his latest single "The Storm". Nick and J. Roosevelt are currently still working together on creating and releasing more tracks! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, and check out their websites for their latest projects and releases.

Nick Shattuck

J. Roosevelt

Featured artist for 7/7/16

He's back! I guess you could say it's been a good year or two since Misgenre Mixtape has played anything LIVE off of his mixtape.. .In fact, he could be named a veteran of the Local Love feature, as he had his music played on Local Love back when Ballzer did nights! Luckily, you've got chance to catch him live in a couple weeks. Acoustic pop....soaring melodies... it's like we're back in the early 2000s! See Misgenre Mixtape live at the Popcorn Tavern on 7/22 (2016), and get a taste of what the La Crosse music scene once held. Just a note: he'll pleasure your eardrums, but you can't take him home. Follow him on Facebook and tune in tomorrow night (7/7) at 10 for Local Love as we pull a couple songs from the dust and spin them over the air!