Featured artist for 4/27/17

There's so much great music in the Local La Crosse area. What's even better is seeing those who began their music careers in La Crosse expand outside of the region and continue to share their creations with the rest of the world. August of 2016 was when Nick Shattuck made his (re)appearance on Local Love. Nick had been a resident of La Crosse many years ago before heading out to L.A. where he continues to write and share his music. It's great to see someone continue to what they love doing most, and it's an even better feeling when they keep touch with those back "home".

Nick Shattuck has a new single out titled "Stars". Tune in to this week's Local Love (4/27) to hear the Local Love debut of the new track.


Find more music from Nick Shattuck at his website: http://www.nickshattuckmusic.com