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What exactly does "JJ" stand for?  It's a mystery to this day.  Some say it stands for "Jimmy-James".  Others say "Just Joking" because I'm always up to some sort of shenanigans.  Are either of these correct?  Probably not.

I am the night owl of the Z93 crew, playing your favorite hits from 7pm to midnight, Monday thru Friday.  I've always got something going on... kinda like Stacy's mom.  From the Top 5 at 8 to Play It or Hate It and all the tomfoolery in between.

So what’s life like for me outside of the studio? Muddin’, huntin‘, fishing... if you ain’t into country, swipe left.  Actually...I'm a huge supporter of the local music scene. You can often catch me at local shows cheering on bands and learning more about ways to improve the scene. In fact, tune in every Thursday night at 10 pm to hear me throw down some  Local Love!  Frisbee, kickball and craft beer tasting are a couple other things I like to partake in as well.

So, what got me into radio?  It all started at a kid's basketball tournament.  I brought some crappy speakers and played music from my iPod Nano.  Since then, I've worked my way through many school dances, weddings and events (with better equipment, of course), attended Radio1 Broadcast School and worked my way to becoming  JJ The Night Guy on The Number One Hit Music Station, Z93.