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Hopefully, I’ll live up to the hype. What can I tell you about me? I love what I do, but my most important job is being a mom. Lizzy is a beautiful, smart, fun, and funny kid. I’m truly blessed. sigh There was a time when she thought having a mom in radio was cool. Lizzy’s sixteen now, so not so much. When I’m not momming (or nagging as she calls it,) I’m usually at a yoga class. I just discovered hot yoga a few years ago and I’m obsessed! You should try it. Really commit to a month of practice and you'll be hooked.It’s such an amazing mind/ body experience. Otherwise, my guilty pleasures are Netflix, Pinterest and lattes. When I can incorporate all three, it’s like hitting the trifecta! Oh, here's a life changing nugget. I just married my best friend. He's handsome and patient, which pretty much makes me the luckiest girl in the world.